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Brides are always looking for unique and inexpensive ways to decorate their weddings, and there are so many great examples that we've seen here at BSB. I wanted to highlight one of those options today: books! If you're looking for Cheap Centerpiece Ideas, collecting old books from thrift stores or borrowing from family and friends is a great way to decorate your wedding for less. It's especially sweet if you and your future hubby are the bookworm type – as it expresses a part of your personalities and will make the detail that much more personal to you! Check out some of these great ideas and options for using books in your wedding decor below!


book centerpiece Murrish-342-3346138362-O-600x899

Photographer: Raindancer Studios

book centerpiece Murrish-345-3346138247-O-600x400

Photographer: Raindancer Studios

book centerpiece_Blume_Photography_LLC_BlumePaterTaylor076_low

Photographer: Blume Photography

book centerpiece_Blume_Photography_LLC_BlumePaterTaylor101_low

Photographer: Blume Photography

book centerpiece_kbattlephotography_MG3547_low

Photographer: KBattle Photography

book centerpiece_kbattlephotography_MG3573_low

Photographer: KBattle Photography

book centerpiece_Patchwork_Photography_521_low

Photographer: Patchwork Photography

book centerpiece_POPography_VintageCountryWeddingbyPOPographyorg113_low

Photographer: Popography

book centerpiece_The_Burks_

Photographer: The Burks

book centerpiece2_The_Burks

Photographer: The Burks

book centerpiece3_The_Burks_Photographers_0J4C1905

Photographer: The Burks

book centerpiece4_The_Burks_Photographers_0J4C1990

Photographer: The Burks

book centerpiece_Walla_Photography_wallaphotography045_low

Photographer: Walla Photography



book centerpiece_Walla_Photography_wallaphotography047_low

Photographer: Walla Photography


book centerpiece5_Margarita_Dussan_Photography_untitled24_low

Photographer: Margarita Dussan

I love the use of books as wedding decor because they can either be the focal point of the centerpiece or they can serve to create dimension and heigh for the other elements of your centerpiece. What do you think about using books as decor?

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  • Stephanie .C

    I am using book centerpieces with terrarium and it looks great but boy was it a pain collecting the books and transporting them to the venue.

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