DIY PROJECTS Wedding Decor

DIY Rope Centerpieces

Throughout the planning process you begin to realize just how expensive certain aspects of the wedding can be. The biggest surprise to me was the price of rental items. For our wedding we needed to rent many items, from centerpieces to furniture, and there was no

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Vendors Wedding Decor

Wedding Flowers

When deciding on our wedding flowers, I knew I wanted something very simple, yet elegant. My favorite flowers are hydrangeas, so I knew I wanted to incorporate them into the wedding. However, when researching flowers I found out that they are one of the more expensive

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Wedding Inspiration

Planning a Budget Tablescape

The majority of brides would probably love to have incredible ornate table decor (at least, I would), but our budgets don’t necessarily allow us to go all out. However, I don’t think that means you can’t have beautiful, yet simple, decorations. For this post, I wanted

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DIY Wedding Decor

DIY Tutorial: Faux Milk Glass

Goodness gracious, has it been a whirlwind of a fortnight for the husband-to-be and me! Pre-hubs, as I’ve become accustomed to calling him now that we’re just two months away from our wedding day (Eek!), just started a new position in a city much closer to

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Table Decor Run Through

I recently had my friend who is coordinating the reception set-up come to my house for dinner followed by a dry run for the centerpieces.  It was a good thing we practiced too.  Along the way, we figured out a few ways to make the set-up

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