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Choosing our Desserts

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As I mentioned in our budget post, dessert is among our top priorities, so we thoroughly enjoyed choosing our desserts for the wedding. TJ and I both love sweets and often spend our weekends exploring the many cake, cupcake, and dessert shops in the Triangle. When originally discussing our ideas for our wedding cake, we weren’t sure whether we wanted to do cakes or cupcakes; not to mention we are also huge fans of pies and truffles (can you tell we LOVE desserts). Taking all that into mind, we decided to go with a dessert bar consisting of a three tier cake, cupcakes, mini-pies, and golden oreo balls.


Dessert Buffet Ideas
Dessert Buffet Ideas via Ruffled


Once we decided to go with a dessert bar, our next step was to decide on who would make our cakes and cupcakes. As mentioned earlier, we visit many cake/cupcake shops in the area. We originally had planned on providing cupcakes by a shop that specializes in cupcakes and their frosting/icing is out of this world. For our cake, we had a different company in mind, one that has delicious cake but their frosting/icing isn’t anything too special. However, our mind quickly changed when we attended an event at All Saints Chapel (our venue) where Edible Art Bakery provided cake samples for guests to try. My fiancé probably took a few more samples than they would like each person to take, but he couldn’t stop raving over their cake!


Display Window at Edible Art
Display Window at Edible Art

We set-up a tasting for a Saturday and knew upon our first few bites, that this was by far the best cake we have ever tasted. Their frosting/icing is just as delicious as any frosting we have tasted, but the flavors in the cake are unlike any cake we have ever tasted before (yes, it is that good!). They described to us how their cake is scratch-made, which is very rare amongst bakeries, and that it is also a little denser because it is southern-styled pound cake (I mean how perfectly does that go along with our “southern” theme?!). The bottom of each cake has a slight crust on it, with the right amount of sweetness, making the bottom just as much as a treat as the top!

edible art cake samples
Top Left: Vanilla w/ Vanilla Butter-Cream (VBC); Top Middle: Lemon w/ Raspberry Filling w/ VBC; Top Right: Almond Amaretto w/ VBC; Bottom Left: Coconut w/ Vanilla Rum Filling and VBC; Bottom Middle: Carrot Cake w/ VBC; Bottom Right: Marble w/ VBC


At the tasting, we were given 6 samples of cake and samples of their vanilla butter-cream icing (I do want to add a note that my fiancé does not like chocolate [I know, shocking!] so that is why there are not chocolate flavors of cake or butter-cream mentioned). My favorite, by far, was the lemon cake with raspberry filling and vanilla butter-cream and TJ’s favorite was the vanilla cake with vanilla butter-cream. Both of those flavors were exceptional, so we knew we wanted to include them in our cake.


On top of trying the delicious cake samples, we were able to pick different cupcakes we were interested in trying, as we knew we wanted cupcakes along with cake. While a traditional tasting at Edible Art doesn’t include sampling of cupcakes, as soon as we mentioned wanting cupcakes at the wedding they were happy to march in a plethora of cupcake options. I chose to try the Chocolate Salted Caramel and TJ tried the Strawberry Lemonade, and again we were impressed. They both were delicious and you could tell they were lighter than the cake, but without lacking any flavor. The neat thing about their cupcakes is that the batter is lighter than the pound cake batter, so if you are interested in a lighter cake, Edible Art can make your cake with a lighter batter, just like they do with the cupcakes. We prefer the pound cake, but know some of our guests may enjoy a lighter batter.


Cake Style Samples in the Tasting Room
Cake Style Samples in the Tasting Room

The employee there helped us out a tremendous amount in showing us the different sizes of the cake. They have many styrofoam cut out options which allow them to create a model for you to actually visualize the different sizes.. We decided on a three-tier cake with my favorite (lemon w/ raspberry filling), TJ’s favorite (vanilla), and the classic southern favorite (red velvet), all with vanilla butter-cream frosting. Many bakeries use fondant as their frosting/icing, as it transports and molds easier, and although Edible Art has that option, they didn’t try to sway us from having butter-cream. Edible Art will also be providing an assortment of cupcakes for our guests, as well.


Along with the cake and cupcakes, I am going to be making mini pecan pies, mini lemon pies, and golden oreo balls. These are recipes that TJ’s grandmother passed down to me and I am excited to make part of our special day. I plan to spend two days prior to the wedding baking up the pies with my mother, grandmother, my future mother-in-law and any girlfriends who are in town and able to help. Most people (including my fiancé) believe this is a task I shouldn’t take on, but baking has always been very calming for me. I often find myself after a long day of work just wanting to bake something so I can relax, so my goal is to do this in efforts to relax me prior to the wedding. We’ll see how well this works, and, either way, I know we’ll have the best cake and cupcakes in all of the Triangle!


Have you decided on traditional cake or an assortment of desserts?
How was your experience when you were searching for the perfect cake/cupcakes?


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