Wedding Budget Tip #34: Consider a Destination Wedding

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Wedding Budget Tip #34: Consider a Destination Wedding

Wedding Budget Tip #34:

Consider a destination wedding. They are often smaller and can be less expensive!

If you're looking for a way to cut your wedding expenses, the best way, as we've mentioned previously, is to cut the guest list.

One way to cut down the guest lists easily is to have a destination wedding! Often times, when you plan a wedding at a place farther away, it can help do the dirty work of cutting down the guest list for you, as not everyone will be able to take a big trip.

Of course, you want those who are most important to you to be there, so make sure it's not a location that's completely unrealistic for the majority of your loved ones.

Having an intimate destination wedding can reduce your costs significantly, and you can have a more luxurious experience for the guests who are able to attend. Having a beach wedding at an exotic location gives you a stunning atmosphere without the need for lots of decorations. Consider beautiful Puerto Vallarta, Los Cabos, or Jamaica!  Many resorts offer so many great resources and complete wedding services that it makes the whole planning process a breeze!

And best of all? No need to travel again for the honeymoon! Extend your wedding celebration into your honeymoon without the need to pack up and go immediately after the big day. Just wed, relax and enjoy!

So tell us: are you considering a destination wedding?

Leave a comment below and let us know!

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Wedding Budget Tip #34: Consider a Destination Wedding

Wedding Budget Tip #34: Consider a Destination Wedding

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