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Wedding Budget Tip #42: Consider DIYing Your Wedding Invites!

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If you’re looking for ways to save money on the big day, consider DIYing your wedding invitations for your wedding day.

Wedding Budget Tip #42: Consider DIYing Your Wedding Invites!

This post is part of a recurring series here on BSB where we share wedding budget tips to help you save money on your wedding! You can access all the wedding budget tips on a single page for your convenience and future reference. This post shares how DIYing your invites can save you big money on your wedding costs.

Wedding Budget Tip 42: DIY Your Wedding Invites!

Wedding Budget Tip #42:

Consider DIYing your wedding invitations.

If there’s one thing we LOVE to help brides with, it’s finding ways to save money. One of the simplest ways to cut costs is by doing things yourself, and a super doable DIY project is your wedding invites! Here at BSB, we’ve got dozens of free printables for you to download and customize yourself. If you’re unable to find free templates that work for the style you’re going for, consider some paid template options. You get the benefit of a professional looking design without the high price tag. There are so many options available for brides looking for high-end design at an affordable price!

With our collection of free wedding invitations, you can easily DIY your wedding invites and much, much more with nothing more than your home computer and printer. (Or if you’re not interested in printing them yourself, check out what we consider the best place to print your DIY wedding invites.) Best of all, the $49 price gets you access to ALL of their wedding templates, so you can enjoy them and use them for anything you want beyond the wedding day. You know, when you have to return the favor and be a shower hostess for one of your bridesmaids!

Our printable invites have been so incredibly well-received because they give you luxurious designer quality for a steal! They are customizable with the help of Canva, and all you’ll need is some cardstock, a printer, paper cutter and envelopes to bring it all together!

Paper is an inexpensive way in general to personalize your big day. With a little effort and our fab templates, you can make an incredibly cohesive and branded wedding day!

Our wedding invitation templates aren’t the only ones available out there. Here are a few more great sources for DIY Wedding Invitation Printables:

Where to Find DIY Wedding Invitation Printables

Creative Market

Creative Market is an invaluable resource for designers, but even if you’re not a pro, there are so many incredible tools that can help you create high-quality designs! They offer everything from fonts to design elements to full-0n wedding invitation templates that you can download and customize to your liking. I spotted options that cost as little as $12 for a full wedding suite! Talk about #budgetsavvy.


Of course, you already know about our love for all things Etsy. You can find just about anything your heart desires on this digital marketplace– including designers who will custom-create a wedding suite for you that you could then print and use for your big day! Here are a sampling of some wedding invitation printables that we spotted that we’re swooning over. Visit this link to view our favorite printable wedding invitations on Etsy.

Best Templates

There are some lovely options available from Best Templates for wedding invitations. Most of their suites include 20 different pieces from the save the date all the way through the thank you notes. Best of all, many of their templates come with versions to edit with the following editing programs Illustrator, InDesign, MS Word, Photoshop, Publisher, etc.

Where to Get DIY Wedding Invitation Supplies

Need the supplies to craft the perfect DIY wedding invitations? Check out these recommended products and supplies:

Need envelopes? We’ve got you covered. We love Paper Source because they have a fab assortment of colors for envelopes:

Want more DIY Wedding Invite Support? Check out Save Money With DIY Wedding Invitations.

So tell us: are you planning to DIY your wedding invites? Join us in our community to chat more about wedding invites.

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Wedding Budget Tip 42: DIY Your Wedding Invites!
Wedding Budget Tip 42: DIY Your Wedding Invites!

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