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So I ordered our Wedding Thank You Cards from … you guessed it… Overnight Prints. They were running a sale on greeting cards so I just went for it.

Originally I was planning to do thank you cards after the wedding and include some of our wedding photos on them, but when we started getting gifts early I decided I'd rather write the thank you's sooner rather than later… because I am a big, fat procrastinator.

Take a look… the style may seem similar to you… that's because they are the same fonts, styles, colors and graphics as my invites.



I got 250 for $70.47 total with shipping, so around .28 cents per card which includes envelopes. Between our shower and the wedding I knew I'd need more than 100 so I decided to go for the 250… we'll be able to use them for things down the road too… plus I just love them. So now, I can start jotting down thank you notes on our pretty new Wedding Thank You Cards as soon as gifts roll in, and then I can pop them in the mail after the big day. 🙂


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  • Liz

    WOW!! Not only are the gorgeous… but super cheap! Way to go!!!

  • Karline

    I know you printed your own invites. Who printed these for you? They are so beautiful! Nice work!

  • very nice!!!

  • Very cute … i likey!

  • We love your blog.
    Come visit ours sometime!

  • Jessica,
    Thanks for your nice comment over on my blog! You’re invitations and other pieces are beautiful. I’ve been reading your blog for a long time – you’re a great designer! I think it’s fun too that our weddings are just a week apart. Sometimes I see things that you’re doing on your blog and I think, “well her wedding is a week before mine, so I should probably be doing that now too!”. It’s getting to that fun point for showers and parties, yay!

    – Emily

  • this is great! i need to start keeping my eye out more for this kind of stuff!! i’m always a fan for a sale!!

  • BEAUTIFUL! Love them!!!

  • Kristin

    Jessica, as you’re receiving gifts, are you sending thank yous out as you get the gifts even though they say from Mr. and Mrs. Bishop?

    I’m getting married the week after you and want to stay on top of the thank yous so I don’t have to write a million at a time and have them sound generic, but also am not sure if it not proper to jump the gun with the future name by sending it out before the wedding. Any suggestions?

  • Lisa

    Hi there,

    I am a budget savvy bride to be. I live in Charlotte, NC. I would love to hear from you. I was hoping you can tell me how to design invites and thank you cards like you did. I am not very good at DIY… I need some help.

    I love your blog by the way!

    It’s been awesome!!!!


    [email protected]

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