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Costco Wedding Supplies

Are there any Costco members out there? Did you all know that they have WEDDING stuff!?


Yes, it's true. They do. They have flowers and jewelry and food and photobooks and honeymoons! Check it out!  Justin works at(/is obsessed with) Costco; he would literally have our reception in a warehouse if I let him (I wish I was exaggerating but I'm totally not). I GUESS  it's only fair to him to take advantage of some of their budget-friendly wedding stuff, right?

First, we booked our honeymoon through Costco Travel. They offer deals on trips anywhere from Paris to Tahiti, so really no matter what you want to do, they have a destination. We just wanted something simple with a beach and all-inclusive; we ended up scoring a great deal in Cancun for just under $1,600 for 7 days 6 nights and INCLUDING air fare for both of us (and our trip was generously paid for by his parents). And, if you're THAT kind of Costco person, they even have little maps detailing where the nearest Costcos are to your destination. Rest assured, if you feel like you need 2 extra large containers of ketchup on your honeymoon… you can get them.

Also, if you want to have a photo book for your guest book, OR you want to save some money on a wedding album, they offer photo services.


They have standard photo books starting at $24.99 for 30 pages, and then they also offer a 20% off discount with My Publisher to lay out your own. Justin and I are for sure planning on utilizing this for albums for our parents to save some $$$ on photo printing costs!

Another cool feature offered for Costco members is a fantastic partnership with Shutterfly. If you have a membership, you can get 20% off of your entire order (the link I posted is the one to their Costco partnership website–it's exactly the same site product-wise, but there is an option to enter your Costco ID # at the end to get the discount)!


After checking it out, we decided we reeeeally liked their products–they have invites in pretty much every category from contemporary to traditional to seasonal to themed to vintage, and they offer a lot of color options. You can also order a sample for $1.00 (or $.80 with the discount! Ow ow!), which include some of the other inserts so you can kind of visualize everything.

We decided to order, and the process was super easy. I got an email with a proof of our order the following day, and they even gave me a call to make sure everything looked ok (it did!)! When they arrived, they were packaged beautifully and they even included a few extras with no charge (they came in a seperate envelope with a message saying they made too many and to enjoy!).

I will for sure share more about the invitation process next week, but here's a preview of our cute cute invites:


 I really really like them (:

I also know a few people who have served Costco sheet cake for their wedding cake (it's seriously like $17/cake) or bought alcohol from there to stock their reception bar. Literally, I would have never thought about Costco if Justin didn't physically force me to sit down and look through the website one day… I was just going to blow it off (I'm not a Costco person)! Turns out, they have a lot of great stuff for really reasonable prices. I guess boys are kind of useful in wedding planning after all (:

Has anyone else checked out/used any of their services? Or know of any other “non-traditional” wedding supply stores? Let us know!

Have perfect days!


Katie Cross

is a bride blogger who got married in 2011. You can read her wedding planning posts here.