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Crepe Paper Flowers for Weddings and Showers!

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Lia Griffith - Crepe Paper Flowers | Crepe Paper Product Line

If there’s one thing I love about a budget-friendly wedding, it’s the amount of creativity I see couples infuse into their day. Nothing gets me more giddy than a beautifully executed DIY project that not only looks fab but was done on a budget.

As I’ve said before, one of my favorite mediums to work with when it comes to wedding decor is paper! There are so many types of paper that you can create crafts with and paper is typically *very* affordable. Get some inspiration for paper wedding decor here.

Sometimes the key to creating beautiful diy projects for your wedding day is having the right supplies and materials. (The tools and materials can sometimes make DIY a little more pricey than you expect, that’s why it’s so important to shop savvy!)

Crepe Paper

However, sometimes it’s worth it to spend a teeny bit more to make sure that you get quality materials that will hold up better and last longer, like the new Crepe Paper Collection from DIY queen Lia Griffith! Her collection of premium crepe papers has been highly anticipated and I’m so excited to share you can now get her products on Amazon!

Lia Griffith’s Crepe Paper Line

Lia Griffith - Crepe Paper Flowers | Crepe Paper Product Line

Lia Griffith has developed this line of 16 extra fine crepe papers in a palette that is fresh from the garden. There’s rich aubergine, soft blush and soothing green tea, crisp coral, dreamy chiffon and lush cranberry. The Lia Griffith extra fine crepe paper line also includes a collection of three printed metallics perfect for creating this seasons on-trend crafts.

Check out all the fabulous tutorials on how to make crepe paper flowers on Lia Griffith’s website.

Lia Griffith - Crepe Paper Flowers | Crepe Paper Product Line

There are ten double-sided crepe papers (two-toned, so you get more color options!), offering designers and crafters even more opportunity to create unique DIY projects. The Lia Griffith crepe paper collection also includes three stem tapes in white, gold and green, which are the perfect tools for making gorgeous paper flowers.


Lia Griffith - Crepe Paper Flowers | Crepe Paper Product Line

Want to get inspired? Just check out all these beautiful crepe paper flower projects from Lia Griffith you can make with paper:

Lia Griffith - Crepe Paper Flowers | Crepe Paper Product LineLia Griffith - Crepe Paper Flowers | Crepe Paper Product LineCrepe Wedding Bouquet (to match dress)Lia Griffith - Crepe Paper Flowers | Crepe Paper Product Line | Felt SucculentFresh FlowersJumbo Flower Wedding Backdrop


Buy Lia Griffith Crepe Paper packs on Amazon!


Happy Crafting!



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