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Custom Wedding Rings on a Budget

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Custom Wedding Rings on a Budget

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Ken & Dana Design. All opinions are our own.

custom wedding rings on a budget

Designing custom wedding rings doesn’t have to be an unattainable luxury

After over a decade of featuring real weddings, one of our absolute favorite things is when couples put in the effort to make their wedding details personal and meaningful. From incorporating their interests and hobbies into their decor to serving their favorite dishes at the reception, these details weave beautiful, personal details into a wedding to make it extra special.

One super meaningful way to further customize your wedding day (and your every day) is by having custom wedding rings created for you and your spouse.

We know what you’re thinking– custom wedding rings? That sounds expensive!

But you’d be surprised at the value you can get for your money when you work with the right businesses.

Ken & Dana Design is an NYC-based jeweler specializing in eco-friendly, ethical, conflict-free, custom-designed engagement and wedding rings that are unique in every way. Whether you want a fully-customized design or just want to add a little customization to one of the gorgeous pieces in their collection, they have several options to consider depending on your budget.

Adding even a little dose of personalization that will give your ring even more meaning as you wear it! Whether you choose to incorporate a custom detail into an engagement ring or a wedding band, it will only add further significance and substance since it’s uniquely yours, and representative of the unique relationship you have with your partner!

Ring Customizations available from Ken & Dana Design
unique ways to customize a wedding ring - ken & dana design
unique ways to customize a wedding ring

Budget-friendly ways to create a unique wedding ring

If you’re working with a budget of less than $3,000, Ken & Dana Design advises against going the fully custom route for your ring. However, that does not mean you can’t create a personal and unique ring that you absolutely love!

If you’re looking for affordable ways to create a unique wedding ring for you or your partner, consider the ideas below!

Add small customizations.

Consider adding small custom details such as:

  • a special stone set inside the ring with meaning
  • a fingerprint hand engraved within the inside or outside of a band
  • a special word or graphic hand-engraved within the band

Pick and choose personalizations.

Pick a ring that has already been designed, and tweak it slightly instead of going the fully custom route!

An example would be the Verity, which has been created in a pear-shaped with rose gold, a double halo, or an oval-shaped version with rose gold, with an oval sapphire – there are so many possibilities with just this one ring!

Try some simple style swaps.

For example, select a different gemstone, a different shape or cut, different ring metal, and other accents on a ring. This tactic removes much of the design cost but still allows for a customized ring at a lower price!

The Verity Ring from Ken & Dana Design in rose gold.
The Verity Ring from Ken & Dana Design with a Sapphire.

Budget-Saving Tips for a Fully Custom Wedding Ring

If your budget allows for a custom ring, there are many ways to reduce the cost of a custom ring!

ken and dana design
Ring Customizations available from Ken & Dana Design

Consider a lab diamond.

For clients interested in diamonds, lab-created diamonds can save you 40% on average when compared to traditionally mined diamonds, depending on quality. They are structurally identical to natural diamonds, so it’s a very savvy choice if you want a luxe look for less.

Opt for other gemstones.

Using a non-diamond gemstone is a savvy approach. Many couples are opting for moissanite, sapphires and other gemstones that are just as beautiful, and a bit more unique.

Go for a simple design.

In general, less can be more in many cases. Playing with stone shapes or going for a unique curve for your band can create a unique look while keeping a modest budget. 

Be choosy with the details.

For example, diamond accents on your band (assuming the typical size of 1.5mm or smaller), run approximately  $25/each. Textures on the band of a ring (like bark texture, etc) can add to cost because they are hand-engraved and labor-intensive to carve out.  This could add upwards of $500 to $800 to a ring, depending on how much texture is needed. 

Make a savvy metal choice.

Choose white gold over platinum to help reduce cost. Depending on how much metal is used and how difficult the design is to do, you could be looking at a savings of about $550 on average!

Are you considering custom wedding rings for you and your partner?

Shop Ken & Dana Design to view their collection, add customizations, or go the fully custom route! They are happy to work with couples with various sized budgets.


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