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Wedding Questions

Ask Jessica: Tacori Wedding Rings?

Dear Jessica, Everyone’s talking about Tacori wedding rings but they don’t exactly seem budget savvy. What makes Tacori wedding rings so special anyway? Do you have any tips for finding discount Tacori wedding rings? — Frugal in Florida Hello and thanks for your question! I’m sure I’m not alone in the

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Wedding and Engagement Rings

Bling It On!

It is so exciting when a relationship comes to the point of looking at rings together and talking about a style. I let Mr. Wonderful know that I would like something in the white gold/platinum color and very sparkly with a vintage feel. When he got

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Money Saving Advice

Diamonds are [NOT] forever

{ Houston Diamond Outlet} The ‘Diamond’ ring doesn’t mean a thing. I recently read an article on Business Insider, about diamonds and the role they play in our modern day engagement story. In summation, the trend of diamond engagement rings (engagement rings in general) is less

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Tough Subjects

Great Ring Debacle

So it’s time to get into the sore subject around our house…The Great Ring Debacle of 2011. The most unthinkable, devastating thing happened. My engagement ring was stolen. Ladies, let me walk you through the most horrifying experience of my life. It was just like any

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