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What To Look for in a Diamond Engagement Ring Beyond the 4 C's

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Macy's Star Signature Diamond Collection
what to look for in a diamond engagement ring beyond the 4 C's

When it comes to shopping for engagement rings, you’re probably already aware of the 4 C’s of Diamond Grading– cut, clarity, color, and carat. This system was developed by The IIDGR, a pioneer of accurate and consistent diamond grading so you have guidelines to look to when shopping for a stone. But there is more to consider when choosing your diamond beyond the 4 C’s… we’re calling these the 4 S’s! Learn more about what to look for in a diamond engagement ring below!

What to look for in a diamond engagement ring beyond the 4 C’s

Macy's Star Signature Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring

Style / Setting

When it comes to choosing a diamond for an engagement ring, style is a big factor. You’ll want something timeless and classic, so you can wear it for years to come. Choosing a setting with a simple diamond solitaire is a great option for a classic engagement ring, and it allows your diamond to get sparkle from all sides! You could always have your solitaire set in a new setting for an anniversary down the road, so choosing this traditional style is a win-win every time. We’re swooning over the Macy’s Star Signature 1 ct Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring— so classicly gorgeous! You can purchase it set in white or yellow gold for a truly timeless look.

Macy's Star Signature Diamond Collection

Signature Collections

Some retailers or jewelers develop their own Signature Collections to offer a gold standard for the diamonds they sell, such as the new Macy’s Star Signature Diamond collection. Macy’s has partnered with Kiran Gems, the world’s largest manufacturer of diamonds, to create this signature offering. Each Macy’s Signature Diamond is precisely cut into its signature 73 facets (versus the traditional 58) by master diamond cutters. The diamonds follow strictly defined proportions, polish, and symmetry, creating a standardization for the quality of their stones. Macy’s Star Signature Diamonds are available in either a round or princess shape diamond.

Macy's Star Signature Diamond Ring


One thing that you may not know to look out for is the sourcing of your diamonds. Some retailers source their stones from war-torn countries, usually in Africa. These diamonds can be known as blood diamonds or conflict diamonds, and are often used to fund rebel military action. If you want to be ethical with your purchase, look for stones that are conflict-free and reliably sourced. You can feel good about your Macy’s Star Signature Diamond— IIDGR only grades and inscribes diamonds that meet the United Nations’ mandated World Diamond Council Kimberley Process.

Store Policies

Keep an eye out for the fine print on store policies, including warranties and maintenance programs. For example, at Macy’s you can sign up for the Macy’s WorryNoMore® Jewelry & Watch Protection program within 30 days of purchase. They also give you a Certificate of Assurance with your Star Signature Diamond purchase. This is important because you can rest assured you are receiving the item you’ve chosen.

Macy's Star Signature Diamonds

Macy’s is the perfect jewelry shopping destination for all those special moments in life! And their new Star Signature Diamond collection offers great value for the precious jewels you’ll wear in remembrance of your love and commitment. Whether you’re shopping for an engagement ring, bridal jewelry, or a fine jewelry gift for an anniversary, their stunning pieces will help to remind you of the special moments in life!

Shop Macy’s Star Signature Collection!

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