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Diamonds are [NOT] forever

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The ‘Diamond’ ring doesn’t mean a thing.

I recently read an article on Business Insider, about diamonds and the role they play in our modern day engagement story. In summation, the trend of diamond engagement rings (engagement rings in general) is less than 80 years old. Prior to that a man would get his fiancée something more practical, like, a fur coat (or even a house 😉 )But these days, thanks to DeBeers and a wonderful ad agency, we’ve hyped up something such as a diamond to be the status symbols of all status symbols especially when it comes to engagements and marriage.

The thing that stood out to me in this article was the confirmation that a diamond alone is not worth the sticker price attached to it. A fact proven when someone tries to re-sell the diamond and offered a significantly lesser price than they paid. Even worse, there is no such thing as a perfectly flawless diamond, despite what the GIA rating certificate says. It’s actually rare to find a diamond of such high grade, and the ones that do exist cost as much to the tune of say, $600k and up.

But I’m not here to school anyone; this fact about diamonds is nothing new and has been said time and time again.

However, a part of me does feel somewhat…guilty for falling for the hype; despite my knowing better (I work in advertising, and the DeBeers ad campaign is a cornerstone in ad history). Before I got engaged, I used to fantasize about a huge 2 carat diamond ring (what girl hasn’t?). At one point in time, I secretly required that my engagement ring be no smaller than 1.5 carats. I just wanted something big and huge, d*mn the costs.

I knew some women who were the same (some worse). Not only did the carat need to be on point, but it had to be as close to perfect as possible; again…d*mn the cost. I knew some ladies who thought 15k was good minimum to spend on a ring, after all, it was an ‘investment’.

Now that I’m married, and after having wised up about finances, I’m so ashamed about being so materialistic and shallow about the engagement ring.  Let me just say here, no, I don’t have a 1.5 carat ring, but it still cost a pretty penny. It’s such an investment, that it’s just a drop in the bucket for a down payment on a house.

My words of sage wisdom to future brides (and grooms ;-)) is to not fall for the pressure of having a glamorous ‘diamond’ engagement ring; and don’t break the bank buying it. Please don’t fall for the hype of perceiving the diamond as an ‘investment’. Gold is an investment, the diamond on my finger is…pretty.

Take care BSB Fam!


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