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Digital Wedding Media on Your Smartphone

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Modern brides need modern ways to plan their wedding. What’s more modern than using your smartphone to plan your big day?

How do you consume digital wedding planning media on your mobile device? Here are some great apps and resources to check out:



Available on iOS or Android

Issuu is a free app stores over 20 million glossy magazines from all around the globe — all of which can be read from your desktop, Android or iOS device. It is like having the world’s largest newsstand at your fingertips – with every publication available for free.

For brides, Issuu offers tons of wedding mags like The Knot, Premier Bride Magazine and Gay Weddings, to many more national and regional publications. Check it out and read all your magazines in one place!


Available on iOS or Android

Next Issue gives you unlimited access to more than 140 magazines in one easy-to-use app for your smartphone or tablet. With top wedding publishers like Martha Stewart Weddings and BRIDES magazine, along with tons of lifestyle and fashion mags — keeping up with your favorite glossies has never been easier.


Amazon Kindle App

Available on iOS or Android

Even if you don’t have an actual Amazon Kindle, you can download the Amazon Kindle App to any smartphone or tablet device and read digital Kindle books right from your mobile device! The Kindle App is completely free, and there are tons of Cheap and Free Wedding Books for Kindle on Amazon, so be sure to check them out!

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 Available on iOS or Android

If you don’t have lots of time to sit down and read but rather enjoy listening to audiobooks, you’ll love Audible! The Audible App is A+! You can get a free 30-day trial of Audible by clicking this link. Not only you will get two books for free, which you can keep whether or not you decide to continue with your subscription after your 30-day free trial. They have lots of wedding titles available so definitely check it out for some great wedding info! Try Audible today and get 2 books for free!



 Available on iOS or Android

Of course, YouTube is one of the best places on the web to consume video content, but did you know there are some super awesome YouTube channels dedicated to weddings? A few of our favorites that we recommend you check out are: David’s Bridal, Martha Stewart Weddings, Jamie Wolfer, and BRIDES Magazine! Of course, you should subscribe to The Budget Savvy Bride on YouTube.

? Podcasts

 Podcast App

 Available on iOS

Podcasts are a great place to get bite-sized information and advice for planning your big day! If you’re looking for some great wedding podcasts to listen to, check out this post:

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More Digital Wedding Planning Resources for Your Smart Phone

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