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Introducing the Budget-Savvy Wedding Planning Support Community!

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Are you a bride on a budget? Looking for a little extra support and connection during these strange times? Join our wedding support community– Budget-Savvy Wedding Planning!

Introducing the Budget-Savvy Wedding Planning Support Community!

Whether you’re just engaged, or have had to pause your planning due to the pandemic, being a part of a like-minded community who knows what you’re going through is a huge source of support during times like this.

That’s why we’re so excited about our new membership community platform– Budget-Savvy Wedding Planning! We’ve absolutely loved seeing the growth and connection in our community via our awesome Facebook group… but their platform is limited. We wanted to create our own private space where we can connect with one another in deeper and more helpful ways!

Why should you join our wedding support community? 

Below are just a few of the incredible reasons why you should consider joining us in Budget-Savvy Wedding Planning!


Connect with like-minded brides who are going through a similar experience. Join local State Squads to connect and plan with brides in your area! Get wedding budget tips for the savvy bride from other savvy brides like you!


The only wedding planning support community dedicated to helping you plan your wedding on a budget that works for you! Share your hopes, dreams, wishes, and frustrations with women who understand what you’re going through!


Get a step-by-step roadmap from a trusted source who knows how to plan weddings the budget-savvy way! Plus, this platform is way more organized than a simple Facebook group, allowing you to connect with other brides and organize your plans like never before. 


This space is dedicated to wedding planning, away from the noise of typical social media platforms. Connect and browse discussion topics in a clean, organized way and join Squads that are relevant to you to dig deeper!


Join your state group to connect with other brides in your area. Buy, sell or trade used wedding items with other savvy brides local to you!


We help frugal brides save money on their wedding with our deals + discounts! Brides on a budget love to shop our exclusive wedding deals to score discounts on all of your wedding needs! 


Get free downloadable worksheets to keep you on track and browse our customizable templates for wedding invitations, programs, and more!


Join us for our monthly community events to connect with other brides and learn from guest experts! Join us for discussions on our monthly themes, from self-care, personal development, fitness/nutrition, floral expertise, DIY wedding design workshops, and more!


We’ll be hosting regular giveaways for awesome wedding items just for our community members! From free wedding invitations to dresses, accessories, beauty products and SO MUCH MORE– we’ve got some incredible giveaways lined up for our community members.


Refer members to our community to earn FREE swag like pins, mugs, tote bags, books, and more! Be the first to collaborate with us on creating savvy swag

What our members are saying:

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DIY doesn’t have to mean do-it-alone.

Become a member of our community of savvy and supportive brides today!

Join Budget-Savvy Wedding Planning today!

We hope you’ll join us if you need a bit more wedding support during this crazy time! Together, we will get through this and make more weddings simple, savvy, and stress-free! ?

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