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DIY Chair Sash Tutorial

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I’ve had a couple of readers email me about cheap ways to decorate your chairs for your ceremony or reception, so when Brittany agreed to share her method with you all I was excited! 🙂 Remember Brittany’s fab wedding? Thanks Brittany for writing up this tutorial for us! 🙂 You can read more from Brittany on her blog,The Not-So-Domestic Goddess


Just like many of the “Budget Savvy Bride” readers, I made an effort to find lots of DIY things to jazz up my wedding on the cheap. One of my projects was making my own chair sashes. First stop: Hobby Lobby (of course!) I bought this ribbon in the wedding ribbon section. It’s 2.5″ wide, and there are 10 yards per roll. The regular price is $7.99, but they mark this stuff down all the time. So, watch for it to be half off to save yourself some major bucks.

chair sash tutorial

For the purposes of this little DIY tutorial, I used this cute little antique folding chair, which isn’t far off from the garden chairs a lot of people are using in their weddings.

diy chair sash tutorial

While you can’t tie the sashes on the chairs until you are setting up the wedding, you can plan a little ahead by figuring out if you want a bow or knot, and how much ribbon you will need. The best way to figure that out is to call your rental company and have them measure the size of the chair where you will be tying on the ribbon. For this chair, I found I needed 1.5 yards for a knot, and 2 yards for a bow.

diy chair sash tutorial

After I cut the ribbon, I tied it around the back of the chair, and voila(!) you have a pretty little sash to add some color to the chairs.

diy chair sash tutorial
diy chair sash tutorial
diy chair sash tutorial
diy chair sash tutorial

This is such an easy project, and you can tie it either around every chair, or just the ones down the center aisle, which is what I did. We had 10 aisles, and got 5 sashes out of every roll. At half price, that was only $15.98 (plus tax)…79 cents per chair! And if you want to get really creative, you can add even more by putting a flower or broach in the tie. The possibilities are endless. Happy DIY(ing!)


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