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Wedding Ribbon Wands DIY Project

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Brittany Rice
diy ribbon wands

How to make wedding ribbon wands for your ceremony exit!

Every wedding reception culminates in a send-off of some kind. Typically, your guests will gather to see you off into the night in your getaway car at the end of your event. Many couples opt for wedding sparklers for their grand exit, but not all venues allow the use of fireworks on site.

If you’re unable to use sparklers, you could consider confetti, glitter, or birdseed to toss as you exit, but those options may require some cleanup. So if you’re looking for a unique send-off idea for your wedding reception that doesn’t involve sparklers or a special cleanup crew, you may want to consider wedding ribbon wands!

Just take a peruse at Pinterest for creative reception exits. You’ll find lots of pictures of guests waving colorful ribbon wands in the wedding’s color scheme. And thankfully, no cleanup is involved!

Wedding ribbon wands are incredibly easy to make and very budget-friendly, but they can be quite time-consuming. Make sure to block out at least two hours to assemble depending on how many you plan to make.


ribbon wand 1
  • wood dowels
    12 inches long, 1/4 inch thick is a great size
  • jingle bells
    medium sized bells
  • ribbon
    You’ll need 12 inches of each color for each wand you make, so multiply the number of wands you need x 12 to get the total amount of ribbon you’ll need in each color.
  • screw eye hooks
    13/16 inch hole
  • jump rings
    (12mm size) to connect the items together


ribbon wand 2


The first step would be to put the screw eye hook into the end of the dowel. This does take a little man power, but you can easily screw the hook into the end of the dowel.

ribbon wand 3


Next, you will want to attach the bells to the end of the dowel. I attached two bells per wand with the jump rings.

ribbon wand 4


Last you will want to cut the ribbon into equal pieces (each of mine was roughly 12 inches in length) and tie them to the hooks.

ribbon wand 6


And that’s it! You now have a beautiful ribbon wand for your guests to wave as you walk by!

Don’t have time to make your own wedding ribbon wands? Check these out!

These DIY Wedding Ribbon Wands are perfect for the big send-off, table centerpieces, or your wedding guests can ring the bells for a kiss. Don’t forget to take them to the dance floor– everyone loves waving these around as they get their groove on!

If you don’t have time to make your own wedding wands, these ribbon wedding wands from Dress Up Wholesale might just do the trick.  They can be custom made at no extra charge to match your wedding color scheme.  Totally affordable at only $9 per dozen with bells and $6 per dozen without bells.

Brittany Rice

is a bride blogger who got married in 2015. You can read her wedding planning posts here.