DIY Floral Photo Booth Frame

Whether youโ€™re at a small get-together with friends or celebrating a walk down the aisle, itโ€™s always important to capture as many memorable moments as you can! Recently, photo props such as signs, backgrounds and wigs have become a standard at big events such as engagement parties and weddings. For your big day, be sure to get your best side using a prop made with fresh flowers and just a few supplies. Check out this DIY floral photo booth frame prop tutorial from FTD below to learn how to make your own!

DIY Floral Photo Booth Frame Prop

How to make a floral photo booth frame

floral photo frame materials


You can add fresh flowers to any frame with this simple tutorial! First, take the frame and secure the styrofoam with craft wire or adhesive to the corners where you’d like to add flowers.

Next, trim your flowers and greenery to size so they are short enough to stick into the styrofoam without extending too far beyond the edge of the frame.

Attach your greenery in a way that thoroughly covers the styrofoam for the best effect. Layer the greenery by sticking it in layers of rows for the best coverage.

After you’ve added enough greenery, start adding your flowers. Use a mixture of small flowers and large blooms to add a variety of textures and visual interest.

Feel free to finish off your arrangement by adding ribbon or twinkle lights.

You can either hang the frame from something like in the photo above, or you can leave it loose, so your guests can hold it and pose with it!

Easy peasy and oh-so-original! Are you planning any wedding DIY projects for your big day? Check out more of our DIY Projects here on BSB.

See the full step-by-step tutorial and more floral photo frame inspiration over on FTD.

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