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DIY Photo Booth!

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Becky Sleachmour

Hello my lovely BSB readers! I am back and officially a married lady! Our wedding wasn’t perfect but I couldn’t be happier with the day. We hit a few interesting snags along the way (Sewing a bridesmaid into her dress 30 minutes before the ceremony and Men’s Wearhouse giving one of our groomsmen the wrong tux… gah!). But once we got over those bumps, the day went smoothly. And it flew by! Now we have a few weeks until our honeymoon and I can share with you fabulous readers some of the details I was keeping under wraps.

The hit of our wedding was our DIY photo booth. For months now I have been drooling over adorable, funky & fun photo booths. I love mustaches on sticks and chalk board signs… and I was determined to get them. Since we didn’t have $1,000+ to spend on renting a booth I asked my friend and bridesmaid, Courtney Elson, to help me with the project. Courtney is a photographer and she did a phenomenal job creating the logistics for the photo booth.

becky's DIY Photo BoothBridesmaids Courtney, Liz, Aarti, Amanda and Julie and Groomsman Joe

We used Courtney’s Nikon SLR camera on a tripod and two strobe lights (extra flashes). The camera connected by USB to my Mac laptop. Pictures were taken with a remote and transmitted to my computer using Image Capture, software that came pre-installed on my Mac.

Each group took three photos which were printed along with our logo on 4×6 inch photo paper using an Epson Picture Maker printer. We hired a student from a local university (cheap labor!) to “run” the photo booth. Basically he helped adjust the camera as needed and manually grouped each set of three photos to print together on one photo sheet.

becky's DIY Photo BoothThe background is a curtain with a painting of an European outdoor cafe that I found on Amazon. It fit perfectly with our vintage travel theme! The props we made ourselves, collected from friends or ordered online from costume shops.

becky's DIY Photo Booth

The total cost of our DIY photo booth included $150 for light rental, $120 for props, background, photo paper and ink cartridges and $50 for five hours of student labor.

Total cost for our DIY photo booth = $320.

becky's DIY Photo Booth

In addition to saving money, the photos are in color and higher-quality than what we found from a photo booth rental. I have the originals of each photo and they have been so much fun to share on Facebook and our wedding website.

Courtney Elson is a professional photographer and is available to hire for a variety of photography projects in Columbus, Ohio and surrounding areas, including photo booths, weddings, engagements and much more. As a close friend, she was kind enough to do our engagement photos and the photo booth work for free, but not in exchange for this shout out! It’s an honest opinion cause she’s fabulous! She can be reached at elsonphoto@gmail.com.

becky's DIY Photo Booth

Becky Sleachmour

is a bride blogger who got married in 2011. You can read her wedding planning posts here.