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DIY Place Card Holders

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Want a simple and affordable DIY project? Check out this super easy DIY Place Card Holder Tutorial that you can easily customize for any wedding style or theme!

pom pom DIY place card holders

It’s the little details that can really add special touches to your wedding day. But those little details don’t have to come with a big price tag! We love sharing simple and savvy DIY projects to make your wedding day feel more personal. And these DIY Place Card Holders totally fit the bill!

This tutorial is great because it’s oh-so-simple and you really don’t need much to complete it! You can use this method to create your own DIY Place Card Holders using just steel wire and the mounting object of your choice. This is a cheap and easy wedding DIY that you can use to fit so many different wedding themes! We hope you enjoy it!

the tools you'll need

Supplies You’ll Need:

First, let’s share the tools you’ll need. Great news: you don’t need much!

  • Steel wire. We used 19 gauge. It was about $4 for a 50 ft roll from Amazon and it easily made 50 place card holders with leftover wire.
  • Pliers
  • Wire cutters
  • Something to roll the wire around like a pencil or paint brush
  • Place card holder bases

Instructions: How to Make DIY Place Card Holders with Wire

Time needed: 2 minutes.

How to make DIY Place Card Holders using Wire and the base items of your choice.

  1. Cut Your Wire into Strips.

    Start by cutting your wire using your wire cutters into strips of about 3-4 inches each.

  2. Wrap the Ends of Your Wire into Circles.

    Using your hands to get it started, wrap your wire around the paintbrush handle or pencil to make a loop.

  3. Use Pliers to Tighten Your Loops.

    Wrap your wire around the handle at least twice, using your pliers to tighten the wire into a nice loop.

  4. Adjust as necessary.

    Use pliers to tighten and secure the ends neatly, adjusting as necessary and pinch the wrapped wire closer together.

  5. Remove the Loop from the Handle.

    After removing the wire loop from your brush handle, hold your pliers in the center and pull the long part down to finish it off as straight as possible.

After that your wire should look like this:

diy wire place card holders

Once you get the hang of it you can make one in 2-4 minutes. Now you can take your bent wire and stick it into something that goes with your theme! Whatever little paper cards you make for your place cards slide right into those little loops you made.

Ideas for DIY Place Card Holders

pom pom place card holder

Pom Pom DIY Place Card Holders

You can easily add these place card holder wire loops into yarn pom pom balls for a colorful and playful place card holder!

diy pom pom place card holders

Note the bottom yellow pom-pom: if what you’re sticking the wire into is round or can’t stand up on its own, you’ll have to make it a “foot.”

There’s no real trick or art to this part, and probably no one will see it, so just bend the wire into a triangle or square until your place card holder is standing.

diy apple place card holders

DIY Fruit Place Card Holders

Insert your wire place card loop into fruit or veggies of your choice for an organic and edible place card holder!

diy wine cork place card holders

DIY Wine Cork Place Card Holder

Insert your wire place card loop into wine corks for a whimsical place card holder for a winery wedding or a wedding of two wine-lovers!

DIY Place Card Holders are a great way to personalize your wedding with a cute custom detail. You could also consider putting the wire place card loops into clay, special molds, wood, or any other type of material that suits your wedding theme and style! Follow us on Pinterest for more DIY wedding project ideas and inspiration!

What other items could you imagine putting wire place card loops into to customize for your wedding? Share your ideas in the community!

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