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Dog Wedding Attire: The Cutest Outfit for Your Pup to Wear on the Big Day!

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Looking to include your furry friend on your wedding day? Check out our picks for fabulous dog wedding attire.

Dog Wedding Attire: The Cutest Outfit for Your Pup to Wear on the Big Day!

You’ve picked your groom or bride, you’ve secured the rings, and finally asked everyone to be in your wedding party but what about your ride or die? Your best friend forever? Your dog? If you can’t imagine walking down the aisle without your true walking (or running) partner then make sure your favorite dog is there on your special day and wearing their best dog wedding outfit. 

Finding your own wedding gown is important but what about a wedding outfit for your dog?  If you are including your pup in your big day they will need to look just as snazzy as you or your spouse. When shopping for the perfect dog wedding attire it’s best to start with the essentials like wedding dog collars and leashes. However, you don’t have to just stop at a dog wedding collar. You can take it up a notch and find the perfect dog tuxedo or dog wedding dress for the big day.  And don’t forget to make sure your furry friend has a wedding dog toy to gnaw on during the ceremony and reception. 

If you are not completely sure if you want to include your dog at your wedding then consider an alternative idea– dog wedding photos!  Have a designated friend or family member bring your four-legged friend before or after the wedding and take some photos together. You’ll still need a great dog wedding dress or dog suit for the wedding for your favorite pet(s) to wear for their photo shoot! 

15 Perfect Dog Wedding Outfits

Check out some of our favorite wedding day outfits and accessories for your pooch! Pro tip: take care to get your pet’s measurements to find the perfect fit for your fur baby!

Birdy Grey Sadie Dog Wedding Bow Tie

Sadie Dog Wedding Bow Tie

Birdy Grey • $14

Your furry VIP will trot down the aisle in style with this matte sateen bow tie collar. Available in 21 colors. 

David_s Bridal Wooden Dog Wedding Sign

Wooden Dog Wedding Sign

David’s Bridal • $11.87

This wooden sign engraved with the words “I do too” is the perfect accessory for your best friend. Your dog will look smashing walking down the aisle on the big day.

eachypawsyyc Lace Dog Wedding Cape

Lace Dog Wedding Cape

Eachypawsyyc • $26.92

Celebrate your big day with this wedding collar / cape for your canine – pawfect for any special occasion from weddings to engagement shoots! These are fully reversible with fancy lace on one side, and diamond pattern on the other side.

WolfandWonder Rope Leash with Collar

Rope Leash with Collar

WolfandWonder • $48

This natural off white colored rope leash features succulents and white peony flowers – absolutely perfect for a spring wedding. This would also be an excellent gift for the couple that are also dog lovers or for the dog mom or dog dad. 

Oriental Trading Best Dog Wedding Bandana

Best Dog Wedding Bandana

OTC • $8.97

Make sure man’s best friend has a part in your wedding with the help of this adorable dog accessory! With a cute little bowtie, the bandana says “Best Dog”. Great for the wedding ceremony itself, it will make for great photo ops later, too!

Amazon Dog Wedding Bridesmaid Dress

Dog Wedding Bridesmaid Dress

Amazon • $7.99

Your Maid Dog of Honor will look like a princess in this tulle and seer sucker combo. Perfect for a spring wedding. Also available in other colors. 


Floral Dog Wedding Collar

MuddiiPaws • $30

Upgrade your dog’s collar to this floral wedding wreath. A floral dog collar is the perfect way to include your pup in your wedding or engagement with this elegant white rose wreath.

TwinkleMingle Dog Tuxedo

Dog Tuxedo

TwinkleMingle • $38.50

Your doggy best man has to look just as dapper as the wedding party. Dress him up in this adorable dog tuxedo so he can stand paw to toe with the rest of the guys. 

KikisPawtique Dog Pearl Collar Necklace

Dog Pearl Collar Necklace

 KikisPawtique • $15

Sometimes less is more when it comes to your wedding day and especially when you are already rocking a fur coat. This delicate dog pearl collar necklace with a petite bow is the perfect accessory for your dog’s wedding outfit.

Amazon Dog Wedding Veil

Dog Wedding Veil

Amazon • $14.99

Once you add the veil you truly feel like a bride. Same can be said for your dog. Once she has on her dog wedding veil the look is complete.

Amazon Dog Wedding Toy Engagement Ring

Dog Wedding Toy Engagement Ring

Amazon • $13.48

Don’t forget the dog wedding toy! This Sniffany & Co diamond ring stuffy toy will keep your pooch happy and content during the wedding ceremony and reception. Alternately, add a ring bearer pillow to fido’s neck to carry down the aisle!

TrixiesDogFashions Dog Wedding Dress

Dog Wedding Dress

TrixiesDogFashions • $95

Even your dog needs to have options for the wedding day. This pup wedding dress is adorable and ultra stylish. Just make sure she doesn’t upstage you in this dog wedding dress.

TwinkleMingle Dog NeckTie Collar

Dog NeckTie Collar

TwinkleMingle • $34

Maybe the wedding is more casual and a dog tuxedo would be a bit overdressed. Consider this adorable dog necktie collar instead. 

TutuJoliStore Dog Bridal Tutu

Dog Bridal Tutu

TutuJoliStore • $17

This all white dog tutu is a charming and essential bridal outfit for your four-legged wedding guest! Perfect for the special day, it is crafted from quality materials to ensure maximum comfort and durability.

Elegantpet1 Dog Floral Crown and Bow

Dog Floral Crown and Bow

Elegantpet1 • $25.99

Much like a boho chic bride this flower crown and matching bow are the perfect dog wedding outfit attire. You’ll both look romantic and angelic in this look.

What do you think of these darling outfits for your puppers? If you haven’t found the perfect style for your previous pup in this list, peruse Etsy for more options or inspiration! From a tuxedo dog harness to serve as a furry groomsmen to tulle skirts to dazzle s a bridesmaid, you’re sure to find some swanky swag that suits your wedding’s color scheme and style.

Have you been successful in finding budget-savvy dog wedding outfits for your wedding? Join us in our community to talk about all things dogs in weddings and more!


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