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Tips for Including Your Dog in Your Wedding

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Do you and your partner have a furbaby? Don’t miss this post about how to include your dog in your wedding. Get tips, advice, outfits + more!


Do you and your partner have a furbaby? Maybe you’re considering including your dog in your wedding day! If so, you won’t want to miss these tips for making it stress-free for everyone, as well as creative ways to incorporate your pup in your big day.

Top Tips for Including Your Dog in Your Wedding Day

If you’re thinking about bringing your dog to your wedding event, there are likely some things you need to consider. Check out these great tips and tricks from Rover.com, the Airbnb for pets, to ensure your four-legged friend is on their best behavior while walking down the aisle!

1. Consider Your Canine

If your dog is having socialization issues or honestly won’t be able to match your fantasy vision of the day, you’re setting your canine companion – and yourself – up for failure and disappointment.

2. Picture Your Pet

From your wedding invitations to pre- and post-ceremony photography, your dog can feature in fun ways that make a life-long impression. Remember to inquire about your photographer’s experience with animals and ensure it’s a good fit.

3. Inform Your Invitees

If you’re committed to your dog as a wedding guest or participant, that’s great… just make sure your human friends and family are aware well ahead of time and can plan around allergies accordingly!

 4. Fact-Check Your Facility

Don’t assume the wedding site you’re using allows pets and end up getting your dog barred from the big day. Neglecting this could cause you heartache and hassle on the wedding day, as well as angry or tearful arguments with the location staff. If you’ve determined the wedding will be dog-friendly, ensure your facility and the rental agreement concurs.

5. Select a Sitter

Don’t assume you, or your almost-spouse, parents, or someone with another job can juggle dog duty. The wedding plan must include a friend, family member, or sitter for the day who will keep your dog calm, engaged, exercised, and properly focused for the big moment.

6. Strategize Around Strengths

If you have a restless pup, but they’ll faithfully run down the aisle to deliver the rings (and then get scooped up by your designated sitter) make sure the plan incorporates your pet’s primary strengths. If they’re already comfortable in sweaters and assorted doggie-wear you can have them show off a little tux or dress.

7. Anticipate Some Anarchy

see more from this wedding featured here on BSB!

If the momentous day arrives and there’s a doggie rebellion, take it in stride. Remember: no wedding goes completely according to form, and things that might frustrate on the big day often inform the beloved stories told for years to come. “Expect the unexpected” is an axiom dog lovers embrace… and it also applies to your wedding and your marriage.

8. Pamper Your Pooch

Make sure to give Fido appropriate attire for the big day. We love the wide variety of doggy outfits for weddings available on Etsy! Check out some of the darling wedding outfits for dogs and dog wedding accessories below!

Adorable Dog Wedding Outfits and Accessories for the Big Day

Is there anything cuter in the world than dogs in clothing? We don’t think so! Check out these precious dog wedding attire options for your furry friends!

Dog Wedding Dress from Etsy

Dog Wedding Dress

via TrixiesDogFashions on Etsy

How could you resist putting your little princess in a darling wedding dress? She could be your furry flower girl– so sweet!

dog wedding suit

Dog Tuxedo for a Wedding

via cocoandbushkacouture on Etsy

Put your doggy friend in a dapper little suit or tuxedo! Can you even handle the cuteness of a pup in a bow tie? We are dying over here.

Floral Dog Wedding Collar

via BrielleBelle on Etsy

Not into the totally frilly look for your good girl? Consider a floral collar– a chic but feminine and totally wedding appropriate accessory for your pup.

Dog Wedding Bandana

via HelloHazelCo on Etsy

Make man’s best friend’s role in the wedding ultra-official with a bandana that says Dog of Honor.

Dog Wedding Wreath Collar

from weddingflowerstorent on Etsy

Having a very eco-chic style wedding? Give your furry friend a very green accessory like this greenery wreath collar.

dog tuxedo bandana for weddings

Other Dog Wedding Outfits

via UniqueDogBoutique on Etsy

This tuxedo collar/bandana gives your dog a formal look without restricting his movement. A great choice for a more formal affair.

Dog Wedding sign via PerryHillRustics on Etsy

Dog Wedding Signs

via PerryHillRustics on Etsy

Have your pup play ring bearer for your big day and wear this darling sign when he walks down the aisle.

Decorative Dog Leashes for Weddings

DIY Floral Leash from Something Turquoise

Use a decorated leash to lead your dog down their aisle during the wedding ceremony or to keep them close by during the reception. You could buy one from Etsy, or DIY one yourself using this great DIY decorative dog leash tutorial from Something Turquoise.

How to Include Your Dog in Your Wedding Ceremony

What are the different ways you could include your pup in your wedding ceremony? Try these ideas!

dog tux oliviasdoggiedesigns
  • Have Fido be Your Flower Girl
  • Have Rover be Your Ring Bearer
  • Dog of Honor (Maid of Honor)
  • Man’s Best Friend (Best Man)

Before You Invite Rover, Ask Yourself These Questions

 Though you may love the idea of including your pup, you’ll need to weigh your options.

There are a few things each couple must consider when deciding on including a furry friend in your ceremony.

Questions to Ask Before Including Your Dog in Your Wedding Day:

  • Does your venue allow dogs?
  • How does your dog handle crowds?
  • Do you have plans for them after the ceremony?
  • Do you truly believe your dog will walk down the aisle and stay still for the ceremony?

After answering these questions, you may decide it is impractical to include your little friend in your big day.

You may absolutely love reading about weddings where people include their pets, but know it isn’t an option for you. But there are plenty of ways to incorporate your love for your pet into your wedding celebration! Keep reading for ideas!

Creative Ideas to Include Your Dog in Your Wedding Details

If you want to include your furry friend in your wedding (without *actually* bringing him or her), here are some creative ideas to make his or her presence known and felt!

Include your dog in your engagement photos

Photo Courtesy of Annette Calud Photography

Former bride blogger Natasha included her dog in her engagement photos. Your dog is an important member of your little family, so why not include him or her in your first official family photos?

Include your dog on your save the date

Bandana via ScherShop on Etsy

Bringing your furry bestie along to your engagement shoot means he or she can be in your save-the-date photos! We love this darling save-the-date bandana we spotted from ScherShop on Etsy!

Personalize your paper goods with an illustration of your dog

Custom sign via LoveandPawsShop on Etsy

Getting custom artwork of your dog created is an easy way to incorporate his or her likeness into your wedding details. There are some super talented illustrators on Etsy who can draw or paint your pet to include in paper details like wedding invitations, signage and more. A custom pet portrait also makes a great gift idea for pet lovers!

custom dog illustration signature cocktail sign - name your cocktail after your dog

Name your signature cocktail after your pup

Custom sign via IvoryandSageCo on Etsy

Serving a signature cocktail can save you money on your bar costs, but it’s also an opportunity to get creative! Name one of your signature cocktails after your dog, and get one of these custom illustrated bar signs from IvoryandSageCo to display at the bar to delight your guests.

gold dog place card holders for weddings

Use dog-themed details in your wedding decor

Table number holders via TheRedDoorInc on Etsy

Find fun ways to incorporate nods to your furry friend in the decorative details of your wedding day. One example we love is these gold painted dog table card holders we spotted on Etsy by TheRedDoorInc. So adorable, while also looking chic!

miss design berry dog photo booth props

Turn your pup into a prop

Custom photo props via MissDesignBerryInc on Etsy

Turn the sweet face of your pooch into a prop for your photobooth with help from MissDesignBerry! It allows your pup to have a presence at your big day without the logistics of actually having him or her there.

Put Your Love of Dogs to Use: Earn More Money for Your Big Day

Savvy brides and grooms-to-be are always seeking ways to make extra income to offset the costs of a wedding and honeymoon. What about using your love of dogs as a way to earn extra money to pay for your wedding? Maybe you’d consider signing up as a sitter on Rover.com!

Check out how some of these couples used Rover to help prepare for their (and others!) big day.

  • Jace – Jace and his fiancé met at a dog park in St Louis – both they and their dogs had an immediate connection! In order to gauge how they worked together as a team, Jace and his beau used Rover! The experience of working together brought them even closer, and after 20 months of dating, they got engaged! They still work together and are saving their Rover income for their wedding!
  • Teresa – Teresa started using Rover to save up enough money for her dream wedding. And after years of saving, their big day was held on July 12, 2015! Not only does she thank Rover for her perfect day, but as a result of her work, she and her husband met so many families. Her pet pom, TJ, has also made some life-long friends!
  • Daniela – After years of working a traditional 9-5 administrative job, Daniela decided to leave her job the summer of 2013 and go on a road trip with her husband. When she returned home, she started her own business as a wedding wordsmith, helping couples write their vows, toasts, wedding websites, and more. To help with extra income, she ultimately ended up working as a sitter on Rover. Now she can walk and sit dogs on my own schedule, while still working on her real passion – the wedding business!

If you’re looking for a side hustle to bring in some extra cash for your wedding day, check out Rover for a fun and flexible way to make extra money while also getting some puppy love!

Will you be including your dog in your wedding?

We hope this post has given you some insight into how to include your dog in your wedding day. Want more ideas? Check out this post from Personal Creations. Happy planning!

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