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Dollar Store Wedding Decor Hacks to Decorate Your Reception for Less

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Looking for ways to put together a beautiful wedding on a budget? Check out these Dollar Store Wedding Decor Hacks!


Throwing a wedding ceremony and reception can be an expensive proposition due to the long list of expenses. There are so many items to buy, from the attire to the catering to the decorations, of course!

Your decorations are one of the main expenses that can add up quickly because there are so many ways you can decorate a wedding venue. From flowers, a backdrop, lights, balloons, ceiling decor, and more– the list of potential wedding decoration ideas is endless!

Regardless of your budget, you can start saving money by creating some of your wedding decorations yourself. And to save even more, you should try DIYing your decorations with products from the Dollar Store! Why spend all your money on decorations when you can easily buy and make them yourself? 

When you make your own wedding decorations, you get to show your guests your creativity and talent. Your decor will be original, unique, and extra personal since you made it with your own two hands. Plus, all the money you save can be spent on the things you care more about, like a talented photographer, elevated catering, or even an extra fab honeymoon!

Dollar Store Wedding Decor Projects: DIY Hacks for Budget-Friendly Decorations

If you’re on board with creating your own wedding decorations using Dollar Store products, you’ll definitely want to peruse this list of ideas. Below are some dollar store wedding hacks you can use to cut your wedding expenses!

Vases with Submerged Flowers or Floating Candles

If you’ve been to a few weddings, you’ve probably seen many flower decorations. Submerged flowers might be one style you’ve seen before. They make a wedding look more luxurious and grand. Creating submerged flower centerpieces is a super easy DIY project you can make yourself with these Dollar Store items!

You don’t need many materials when making your submerged flower centerpieces. The main pieces you need are vases and flowers. Depending on your desired look, you can add glass stones, rocks, or glass beads to the bottom. Include floating candles on the top if you want to make it look fancier. Different types of flowers will help to further personalize the effect. The great thing about this project is that it’s super simple and doesn’t require much time.



  • Arrange your flowers in your vase to see if you need to trim the stems. Use a wire cutter to snip the stems to a length that allows them to display fully in the vase without sticking out of the top. 
  • Once you measure and cut the flowers to fit, you can pour the beads or rocks into the vase. 
  • Place the flowers in and arrange them to your liking. 
  • Fill the vase with water.
  • If you want, add a floating candle to the top to give off a luxurious effect.
  • Last but not least, clean the vase to remove any fingerprints on the glass. 

Mason Jar Luminaries

How about turning your reception into a starlight theme by lighting up the wedding venue with some mason jar lights? It makes any setting feel more romantic and magical. These Dollar Store mason jars can be set up on tables or decorated on the dance floor. Your guests will love the atmosphere created by these sweet little luminaries.



  • Remove the mason jar lid and place the fairy wire lights into the jar.
  • Turn on the lights and reseal the lid.
  • Optional: you can fill the bottom of the jar with pebbles or flowers to make it look more festive. 

Voila! Super simple fairy light luminaries that cost around $2.50 each!

Beautiful DIY Floral Wreaths

Floral wreaths are quite the trend. You can use a wreath as a wall decoration or even as a centerpiece. A DIY wreath is easy to make with only a few materials, yet it makes a noticeable impact in any room.

In pictures, floral wreaths might look complicated to create, but in reality, they are quite simple. You can find tons of tutorials on Youtube to assist you in making these stunning decorations, or check out the floral wreath tutorial from Alison of Bloom Culture Flowers here on B$B. Using faux flowers allows you to make as many of these as you need ahead of time. Plus, they can easily be stored until you need to use them for the big day! 



  • Arrange the flowers on the metal hoop or foam ring.
  • Trim the flowers with a wire cutter if needed.
  • If you are using a metal hoop, use a ribbon, raffia, or twine to tie the flowers to the hoop.
  • If you use a foam ring, you can use a hot glue gun to attach them to the ring. 
  • Once done, you can add ribbons as tassels to give it more details.

DIY Picture Frame Lanterns 

Did you know you can make a lantern out of picture frames? You just need picture frames to glue together. Four frames can be used to make a simple box which you can use to add flowers or candles inside.

When it comes to dollar store wedding decor, this is one example of something that can yield a high end look on a budget! It’s an innovative piece that you and your partner can personalize. With beautiful centerpieces like this, you’ll surely get many compliments for these extravagant, picture-perfect lanterns. 


  • 4 picture frames
  • Spray paint or paint (optional)
  • Hot glue
  • Candles, moss, flowers, lights, or any decor you want to put inside (optional) 


  • Take the backing off each frame 
  • Optional: paint or spray paint the frames
  • Glue each side of the frame to create a cube with the four frames 
  • Place any decorative elements inside! 

Chalkboard Signs

Who needs a fancy sign when you can make a simple DIY sign? Whether displaying a message, using it as a table number or food signs, you can use a chalkboard sign instead of an elaborately printed one. The best part about a chalkboard sign is that when you mess up a word, you can erase and rewrite it. It’s also minimal and goes with every type of surface. 



  • Decide what signs you need, and then personalize your signs by writing a message or label in Chalk or Chalk Pen! Easy peasy.

Floral Covered Paper Lanterns 

If you want to wow your guests, these flower lanterns might do the trick! You can make them as centerpieces or hang them from the ceiling to give the space a magical atmosphere. This project can be completely personalized to suit any wedding theme, color scheme, or vibe. Select the flowers or accents that work with your vision and personalize your lanterns to your heart’s content!



  • Glue the flowers on the lantern using a hot glue gun.
  • Place your lanterns on tables as centerpieces, or hang them for a floating look. 
  • Optional: if you plan on hanging the lanterns, you can add tassels or ribbons to the bottom of the lanterns for further embellishment!

Personalized Candle Holder

Decorations like candle holders can be more expensive than you think. You could scour thrift stores for various styles if you’re after an eclectic look. Or, if you’re looking for something more uniform, the easiest way to save money is to make them yourself. You not only get to save money, but you get to personalize the way you like it to match your wedding theme. 

Using affordable glass candle sticks from the Dollar Tree, you can make elevated hurricane vases like the ones pictured above, or even faux flower topiaries! Leave them clear glass, or finish with paint, or attach ribbons or gemstones with hot glue to further customize.



  • Optional: paint or spray paint your glass candleholder if you don’t like the clear glass look 
  • Stack your glass candleholders (alternate them) and glue them with the E600
  • Optional: you can tie a ribbon or glue some gemstones if you want to glam it up a bit.

Color Dipped Flower Vase 

You don’t need a big extravagant flower vase to set the mood for your wedding. Instead of a huge vase, why not make multiple small ones that take your wedding to the next level? Simply purchase small glass vases and spray paint or dip the bottoms of the vases into the paint color of your choice.

Add glitter to the paint while wet for a dash of sparkle! Place single stems of your favorite flower into the finished vases for a decoration that is super simple and looks great. The is one dollar store wedding decor project that’s low effort but high impact!



  • Decide where to add paint and use the painter’s tape to section off the part you want to paint.
  • Paint the part that you section off and wait for it to dry           
  • Add other decorative elements you want to add to the vase, such as glitter or gemstones.

picture frame table numbers - dollar store diy wedding decoration ideas

Table Numbers 

If you have many guests, you might need to have table numbers for all of them. You don’t need to make fancy table numbers to help your guests navigate the space. You can make a lovely table number within minutes with only a few things. 



  • Print all your table numbers to the size of the picture frame
  • Cut them out and place the sheet into the picture frames 

DIY Tissue Paper Fringe Balloons - Dollar Tree Wedding Projects

DIY Fringe Balloons

Backdrops for photo shoots often include flowers or balloons, but having a backdrop custom-made can be extremely expensive. Ballons with tassel fringe are super easy to make with supplies that are inexpensive to buy. All you have to do is blow up the balloons and tie strings and tassels to them. It’s as easy as counting 1, 2, 3! Once you have multiple balloons done, you can arrange them to fit your aesthetic. 



  • Blow up the balloons and attach them with a string. Anchor them so they don’t float away.
  • Fold the tissue paper in half and into an accordion fold. Then cut the tissue paper, but not all the way. About halfway through!
  • Open up, and you’ll see the fringe you created.
  • Roll the fringe up and tie it with a ribbon at the end. Add fringe all the way down the string of the balloon.

tissue paper pomander

Tissue Paper Flowers

If getting real flowers is out of your budget, you can substitute them for fake flowers or make them out of tissue paper. Tissue paper flowers are very easy to make and add a touch of color or visual detail to any space. The best part is you can get tissue paper very affordably and in a wide variety of colors, so you can easily customize this project to fit your wedding theme!

Make tissue paper flowers for a photobooth backdrop, as pomanders to use as aisle decor, or even to create a wreath or centerpiece! The options are truly endless, and since tissue paper flowers are so affordable to make, you can really create a big impact without a big expense.



  • Stack multiple sheets of tissue paper in front of you and accordion fold 1-inch sections of the tissue paper.
  • Secure the center with floral wire.
  • Use your scissors to cut a round edge at the ends
  • Fan out the folds and start separating the layers until it looks gorgeous!
  • Attach multiple flowers to styrofoam balls to make pomanders, adhere them to a wall as a backdrop, or any other creative use you can think of!

More DIY Dollar Store Wedding Decor Projects 

Getting crafty and making DIY wedding decor from dollar store products can significantly lower the cost of your wedding! Save money, express yourself creatively, and personalize your wedding by creating some of your decorations yourself.

A wedding doesn’t have to be expensive if you know how to be resourceful and put together a luxe look, even on a budget. Sometimes you need to be creative and think outside the box to cut back on your wedding expenses. By using the dollar store hacks above, you’ll surely save tons of money that can be put somewhere else, like your honeymoon! 


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