Tissue paper pomanders

how to make tissue paper pomanders

I’ve been a tissue paper flower-making machine lately- hard at work making my Tissue Paper Pomanders for the ceremony and reception decor. With help from my MOH and sister, and even my fiancé! I’ve successfully completed one pomander, and enough flowers for 2 or 3 more. Almost half way there. It’s a time consuming project- but making the flowers is so mindless. It’s something good to do while you’re watching TV at night. I’m pretty happy with it for my first attempt! I followed directions from Ruffled’s blog here and I shot some pictures of the process… so if you want to make your own Tissue Paper Pomanders, check out these steps below:

image via Martha Stewart

To make the flowers:

  • Cut your tissue paper into 10″x5″ strips
  • Using 4 stacked pieces of tissue paper, fold into an accordion. Folds should be about 1/2″
  • Wrap floral wire around the center of your flowers and twist the ends to secure
  • Round the edges of your folded tissue paper with scissors
  • Fan the tissue paper out and separate the layers with your fingers
  • Give it a fluff and make it pretty!

Once you’ve got your flowers made, you can follow these steps:


I started out by inserting wire hooks into the tops of the styrofoam balls, I sealed them in with some hot glue. This is what you’ll use to hang your pomanders with ribbon, burlap, twine, whatever your heart desires!



I used 3 varying shades of yellow tissue paper that I picked up just to give the flowers more ‘dimension’ and to make them look maybe a little more realistic. I mixed the colors all together as I applied them to the styrofoam balls.


I’ve got my paper flowers and my ribbon at the ready- time to put one together! (Coffee is a must during this process, too!)


I hung the pomander from our kitchen light fixture while I applied the flowers so I could see all the way under it (and so the flowers would get smushed if I laid it on the table.) I did use hot glue to affix the wires / flowers into the styrofoam for extra security.


VOILA! A finished pomander! My first attempt was a little lopsided… but you can easily adjust and ‘fluff’ the flowers to even things out. In general once the flowers are all mashed in together they look pretty good – it’s hard to mess it up so don’t be scared to try it! I mean, even my fiancé made some of these flowers, so if he can do it so can you! 😉 

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