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Elegant DIY Table Numbers + Seating Chart

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Printable seating chart and table numbers
anna skye
Printable seating chart and table numbers

Download the Templates

DIY Table Numbers and Seating Chart Printables

Hello! Anna here from Download & Print and it’s that time of the month where I get to share a special little something that I’ve put together just for Budget Savvy Brides. Jessica sent me a note a few weeks ago telling me she gets a ton of email about the elegant place cards that I shared back in June last year. You guys just swoon over these! So I wanted to put together a couple more pieces that you can add to this set. Today I’m sharing elegant DIY table numbers + seating chart templates. Add in the menu from June this year and you’ve got a complete tabletop set.

There’s nothing tricky about DIYing these pieces. A little bit of trimming is needed on the table numbers. The seating chart can handle up to 12 tables with 10 guests per table and fits best on 11 x 17” paper. You’ll probably need to track down a large format printer for paper of this size, so just send or take the file to your local copy shop and have them make the prints.

Make Your Own DIY Wedding Seating Chart
and Table Numbers



DIY seating chart from the Budget Savvy Bride

Download the two free template files here. Open the files in MS Word or Mac Pages and add your table numbers and seating arrangements. The curved text at the top of the templates that says “seating chart” and “table” cannot be changed, so plan for this if you are theming your tables rather than using traditional numbers. I’ve used the fonts Edwardian Script and Garamond, which should both be loaded onto your computer already.

Print the table numbers on standard 8.5 x 11” cardstock. The seating chart prints with the best results on 11″ x 17” cardstock, so you may have to make a run to Kinkos or your local copy shop to print this on a larger format printer.

Both files print in black and white, so change out the paper color to match your wedding. I’ve used cream paper.

print your own elegant table numbers


elegant diy wedding table numbers

And, presto! The seating chart is ready to be hung.

The table numbers need trimming along the outside cut line. The line is hard to see on your screen but will become obvious after you print the numbers.

The Anna Skye recommended method is to do a rough cut around the edge of the cut line. Then go back with a smaller pair of scissors to cut out the detail. Use long sweeping strokes with your scissors, rotating the paper while keeping your hand steady.

elegant wedding table number printable


Wedding table number template from The Budget Savvy Bride

Place the table numbers in the holder of your choice, then hand over the task of setting the table to your maids/caterer/family, as by the time the tables are set you will have far too much on your mind to worry about a few table numbers!

Here are some of my favorite DIY table number holders.

DIY table number ideas
  1. Natural wood, perfect for a rustic feel. Source
  2. A box of apples! Or a flower arrangement, or upcycled mason jars, or a crate with lavender… you get the idea. Anything that fits your wedding with a simple holder for the number. Source
  3. Candlesticks spray-painted in your wedding colors. Source
  4. Corks and twine. You can also use a cork in a wine bottle for a tall table number. Source

We hope you’ve enjoyed this DIY wedding printable project!

Would you consider making DIY table numbers and seating chart for your own wedding?


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