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It’s summer! For me, that means it’s time to go full throttle on wedding planning. Up until now I was having 11-13 hour days, between going to college full time, working 25 hour weeks as a lead preschool teacher, commuting about 2 hours a day, and volunteering in an elementary school 2 mornings a week. Oh yeah, and planning a wedding. Now that I'm only working 40 hour weeks, and commuting 1 1/2 hours a day, my free time has exploded! …And immediately filled up with wedding planning.

I had a coworker once who had quit her job so that she could focus on planning her wedding for 2 months. Since you’re here, I’m assuming you can’t exactly afford to do that (as I'm sure most people can't!) I’ve learned quite a few things while being super busy and planning a wedding at the same time, so here are my Five Tips for the Busy Bride:

five tips for the busy bride


1. Let It Go!

You cannot meticulously plan and DIY Every. Single. Detail. If you have a super busy schedule, you probably won’t have time to hand calligraphy 150 envelopes. Pick your battles, and the ones that don’t make the cut: let ‘em go. Take the easy way out, or simply don’t include it in the wedding.


2. Ask for Help

This may also be a challenge in letting it go as well, because when you let someone else take care of something, you no longer have total control over it. One thing I’ve learned about wedding planning: most people want to be helpful. Assign tasks to people that are willing to help, but assign the ones that make the most sense. I didn’t assign DIY invites to my fiancé who’s never crafted with paper before, but I did assign him the task of music playlists and renting the sound equipment (since he’s a musician.)

Also, you know, it’s also your fiancé’s wedding, so…get him to help too.


DIY station
My current DIY station: silk flower half-crown

3. Leave a DIY Station Out

This one was really helpful for me. For example, I knew that to semi-DIY our invites, tie them up, stuff them into envelopes and double check the guest list would take maybe 3 hours or more. Well, I never have a whole 3-hour chunk of time to work on one task—but I do have 15 minutes here, 30 minutes there. So I have near my coffee/computer chair a TV tray with my current DIY wedding project out, and whenever I have that sliver of time I’ll get some work done on it, little by little.


4. Don’t Waste Your Time

When it comes to meeting vendors, only meet up with the ones that you actually feel like you could hire. Do your research, and don’t waste your time with a photographer that is way out of your budget, a caterer that you’re unsure of, etc. Only schedule those coffee meet ups with the vendors you actually think you will hire. I learned this one the hard way and wasted my time with a photography meeting or two: people that were in my budget, but who I knew going in I wasn’t going to hire because I didn’t like their style.


You can't have all the cake styles you like, ladies! Pick one!
You can't have all the cake styles you like, ladies! Pick one!


5. Know What You Want, and Be Decisive

Finally, something you can use Pinterest for! Start deleting your superfluous pins. I know there are 20 different cake styles that you can love, but narrow it down. When it comes time to make the decision, make the decision. I could have spent an entire weekend looking for shoes, but I picked a general style and color from Pinterest ogling, set a budget and found the shoes at the first store I went to.


So, these are the things that have been most helpful to me with my time management. Anyone have any other tips? I could still use them!

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