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Vegetables and Fruit: Flower Alternatives For Weddings

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If you’re looking for another way to be ‘green’ with your wedding plans, consider using veggies in your wedding day décor as flower alternatives!

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We love the ‘green’ aspect of using veggies and fruits in your wedding day decor as flower alternatives! Not only can they look beautiful, but you can also eat them later! Be sure to wash first!

You know how growing up they told you to eat a colorful plate? Well, produce comes in a variety of colors to fulfill your palette or decorate your wedding day. Check out these creative ideas below!

Non-floral wedding arrangements featuring fruit and veggies

DIY Farmer’s Market Bouquet

This amazing tutorial from Green Wedding Shoes shows you how to make a fruit and vegetable bouquet from farmer’s market finds.

Fruit and Daisy Bouquet

This YouTube video tutorial by Flower Lab is super fast and easy, at less than 4 minutes long. Anyone can do it and that’s just not lip service!

Fruit and Flower Bouquet

Another quick YouTube tutorial, this time by Razz, that uses whole versus cut fruit.

Succulent and Blueberry Bouquet

Check out this darling bouquet by Proflowers, featuring blueberries and succulents. Grapes would be a great alternative if you can’t find blueberries on the vine.

Candle Centerpieces with Green Vegetables

Leave it to Better Homes and Gardens to come up with this fun, yet beautiful vegetable centerpiece. They give you some quick and easy directions on how to make them for your big day.

Cabbage, Berry, and Baby’s Breath Bouquet

We love how the baby cabbage in this bouquet is the focal point, accented with inexpensive blooms and greenery.

Potted Herb Centerpiece

Fresh, potted herbs can make a lovely and fragrant centerpiece for your wedding. At the end of the night, consider giving them away to your guests or plant them in you own yard.

Easy Apple Tea Light Centerpiece

Originally from Little Green Notebook, this easy-peasy, but oh-so-pretty apple centerpiece would be a great addition to a fall wedding.

Green Tomato, Cotton, and Succulent Tablescape

Who would have thought green tomatoes could be beautiful, much less stunning? JL Designs obviously did and they knocked it out of the park.

Artichoke, Dill, and Kale Bouquet

Artichokes? Kale? Dill? THISTLES?! Yup, and it is stunning, as you can see. We really love the creations that come from Green Wedding Shoes.

More Flower Alternatives for Weddings

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