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Vegetable Wedding Ideas: Incorporate Veggies in Your Wedding Decor

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If you’re looking for another way to be ‘green’ with your wedding plans, consider using veggies in your wedding day décor as flower alternatives!


In the world of wedding decor, couples are embracing unconventional and eco-friendly alternatives to traditional floral arrangements. For those seeking a unique and whimsical touch, vegetables have emerged as an unexpected but clever option. 

We love the ‘green’ aspect of using veggies and fruits in your wedding day decor as flower alternatives! Not only can they look beautiful, but you can also eat them later! (Just be sure to wash first!)

The vibrant colors, textural variety, and the affordable cost of vegetables can make them a refreshing stand-in for fresh flowers in wedding decor. You know how growing up they told you to eat a colorful plate? Well, produce comes in a variety of colors to fulfill your palette or decorate your wedding day. 

Vegetable Wedding Decor Ideas

Whether you envision a garden-inspired celebration or desire a distinctively sustainable touch, we’ve curated a list of innovative vegetable-based products that will help you transform your wedding into a stunning showcase of nature’s bounty.

While many of these options feature veggies of the artificial variety, these creative ideas should get your wheels turning for how to incorporate fresh produce into your decorative accents on the big day!

Macrame Fruit & Vegetable Hanging Basket- ShopMyra-Etsy

Macrame Fruit & Vegetable Hanging Basket

Etsy • $18+

Macrame hanging fruit baskets to hang around the reception venue for a cost effective decoration that can be used in a home after the wedding! 

DIY: Farmer’s Market Bouquet

DIY Farmer’s Market Bouquet

This amazing tutorial from Green Wedding Shoes shows you how to make a fruit and vegetable bouquet from farmer’s market finds.

Fruit Flower Arrangements-JustPaperRoses-Etsy

Fruit Flower Arrangements 

Etsy • $117.84

Allow the bride to hold a red rose fruit bouquet as she walks down the aisle! Fruit is sewn into the roses with no worries of them rotting or falling out. 

Vivid Artificial Artichoke-SilkFlowerHomeDecor-ETsy

Vivid Artificial Artichoke

Etsy • $12.99+

Separated artichokes to place as centerpieces around reception tables. Select the colors and bundles for a personalized vegetable look at the wedding! 

Market Veggie Arrangement Farmhouse Designer Centerpiece -MilandDilDesigns-Etsy

Market Veggie Arrangement

Etsy • $132.50

Vibrant colored fruit and vegetables mixed with greenery and flowers creating fun table decorations for the ceremony or reception. All in a wooden distressed bowl for a rustic look. 

Succulent and Blueberry Bouquet

Succulent and Blueberry Bouquet

Check out this darling bouquet by Proflowers, featuring blueberries and succulents. Grapes would be a great alternative if you can’t find blueberries on the vine.

Artificial Plastic Fruit/vegetable Basket Centerpiece-DIYVintageTreasures- Etsy

Artificial Plastic Fruit/Vegetable Basket

Etsy • $24.31

Use as a centerpiece or ceremony aisle decor for additional colorful decorations. The basket is included in each purchase with versatile options.

Candle Centerpieces with Green Vegetables

Candle Centerpieces with Green Vegetables

Leave it to Better Homes and Gardens to come up with this fun, yet beautiful vegetable centerpiece. They give you some quick and easy directions on how to make them for your big day.

Lemon Floral Napkin Ring-optimumlinen-Etsy

Lemon Floral Napkin Ring

Etsy • $6.86+

For an elegant reception dinner, napkin rings are encouraged. Stay on the theme of vegetables and fruits with a lemon-inspired napkin ring! Mini lemons decorated with greenery all tied together by wrapped twine. 

Cabbage, Berry, and Baby's Breath Bouquet

Cabbage, Berry, and Baby’s Breath Bouquet

We love how the baby cabbage in this bouquet is the focal point, accented with inexpensive blooms and greenery.

MemoryPlus-Etsy: Artificial Artichoke With Stems Fake Fruit and Vegetable

Artificial Artichoke with Stems

Etsy • $16

A simple take to the bridesmaid bouquets can be a single artichoke on a long green stem! Or include in a larger bouquet with more greenery and florals. Made with plastic and will not deform. 

Fresh Herb Centerpieces

Potted Herb Centerpiece

Fresh, potted herbs can make a lovely and fragrant centerpiece for your wedding. At the end of the night, consider giving them away to your guests or plant them in you own yard.

VintageSeagrape-Etsy: Hanging Veggies Vintage Faux Hanging Onions on Rope Vintage

Hanging Veggies

Etsy • $35.20

Place hanging onions attached to rope along the walls or tables at the wedding venue for a rustic feel. 10 white onions with a pink shading for a vintage looking decoration. 

Easy Apple Tea Light Centerpiece

Easy Apple Tea Light Centerpiece

Originally from Little Green Notebook, this easy-peasy, but oh-so-pretty apple centerpiece would be a great addition to a fall wedding.

CountryStemMarket-Etsy-White Orange Floral Arrangement

White Orange Floral Arrangement 

Etsy • $199.99

Perfect bouquets for the bride and bridesmaids to hold as they walk down the aisle. Light and airy colors mixed with oranges creates a summer look to the bouquet of choice. 

Green Tomato, Cotton, and Succulent Tablescape

Green Tomato, Cotton, and Succulent Tablescape

Who would have thought green tomatoes could be beautiful, much less stunning? JL Designs obviously did and they knocked it out of the park.

AutumnHarvestPumpkin-Etsy-Casperita White Pumpkins

Casperita White Pumpkins

Etsy • $48.50+

For the fall weddings, decorating with pumpkins just makes sense! Purchase in packs for decorations as centerpieces or lining the ceremony aisle. White pumpkins are classy and can be reused for time after the wedding. 

Artichoke, Dill, and Kale Bouquet

Artichoke, Dill, and Kale Bouquet

Artichokes? Kale? Dill? THISTLES?! Yup, and it is stunning, as you can see. We really love the creations that come from Green Wedding Shoes.

chocolateletters-Etsy-Miniature Fruit Clusters

Miniature Polyfruit For Bouquets

Etsy • $5.95

Miniature bundles of fruit for creating bouquets for the wedding. Either place directly on top or sew in the fruit to the floral arrangement on hand. Incorporate vegetables in every aspect of the wedding. 

JuliasTreasuresStore-Etsy: Mini Strawberry Mason Jar

Mini Strawberry Mason Jar for Bouquets

Etsy • $14

Mini strawberries and greenery come in white mason jars wrapped in twine for a bohemian rustic look. Another option is using strawberries and greenery in the wedding bouquets. Use on their own or in a larger bouquet. 

UnicornDreamDesign-Etsy: Faux Fruit Realistic Orange Lemon Lime Pieces Wedges Slices

Faux Fruit Cake Topper Pieces

Etsy • $3+

Single fruit slices coming in different sizes and colors to easily place on a cake! Whether in bunches on top or spread around the layers, the options are endless to include the fruit or veggie of choice on the cakes. 

SilkFlowerHomeDecor-Etsy: Faux Artichoke Stem 16''

DIY Artichoke Bouquet

Etsy • $14.99+

A beautiful arrangement of artichokes and greenery bundled together creating the ultimate vegetable bouquet. Include other flowers or vegetables or leave it as it for a bouquet the bride and guests will adore! 

Fruit and vegetables are a great addition to wedding decorations. A unique way to flower alternatives is by using vegetables! Etsy has many options and ideas to create a wedding perfectly to the bride’s style while staying on the theme of choice. 
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