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Free Printable Die-Cut Wedding Invitation

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free printable die cut wedding invitation
anna skye
free printable die cut wedding invitation

Download the Template

DIY Die-cut Wedding Invitations

Anna here from Download & Print with another free invitation template. This project may seem a little ambitious. Die-cut wedding invitations sit toward the top of the invitation scale in terms of luxury, look, and cost. They come in all sorts of exquisite shapes, from intricate cut-out overlays to pretty frame shapes. The invitations are usually cut-out with a machine, either commercially or you can purchase a home machine. Unfortunately, both options are very costly, but the end result is oh-so-gorgeous.

By now you’ve probably picked up from my tutorials here on Budget Savvy Bride that I want everyone to have breathtaking invitations without spending the Earth, and I fully believe this is possible for even the most craft-challenged bride! Today I’m going to show you how to make this elegant frame invitation for less than $1 a set using such a simple technique. No expensive machines needed. Your weapon of choice: Scissors. This free printable die-cut wedding invitation is exclusive to BSB’s!

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With a little time and effort, you can achieve a high-end look that is gasp-worthy. And to keep your costs down even further this template prints in black and white, making reproductions as cheap as they come either on your home printer or at your local Kinkos or copy shop. So let’s get started…

free printable die cut wedding invitation supplies




free printable die cut wedding invitation add your text

Download the free invitation template, RSVP template, and envelope liner, and personalize with your details in MS Word. I chose the fonts TrajanPro and Maratre. If you do not have these fonts installed on your computer Word will substitute fonts and your invitation may look a little wonky. You can use any fonts that you like.



Print your customized templates on the paper of your choice.

TIP: These templates print in black and white which makes reproductions super cheap.


print the free printable die cut wedding invitation


trim free printable die cut wedding invitation

Using a pair of scissors, trim the invitation and RSVP along the outside of the black border. This is by far the most time-consuming step and takes a little bit of concentration. If you are planning on getting your maids together for an invitation craft night, don’t open up too many bottles of wine before you’ve finished cutting these out!

I timed myself and averaged 4 minutes per template. The end result is absolutely worth the time though if you love the die-cut look but don’t love the die-cut price from an invitation printer.

free printable die cut wedding invitation result


diy wedding envelope liner with monogram

Cut out the envelope liner and slip into an A7 envelope. Eyeball the top edge to center the liner about ¼” below the edge of the envelope flap.

free printable monogram envelope liner

Fold the liner flap down using the crease on the envelope as your guide.

free printable monogram envelope liner

Add a couple of strips of double-sided tape to the back of the liner flap. Press down on the envelope flap to adhere the two together.

free elegant envelope liner

Stuff the finished envelope with the die-cut invitation and RSVP and an A2 envelope. Your wedding guests will love opening this luxurious silhouette invitation with a custom envelope. It can be our secret that you DIY’d the entire set for less than $1. Or go ahead and brag about your creative and crafty (and frugal) skills. Because that’s cool too.

We hope you enjoy using these DIY Die-Cut Wedding Invitation Templates!


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