Free Printable Place Cards

Hello BSB’s! Anna Skye from Download & Print here, coming to you with a simple invitation DIY to save you time and money! This month I'm sharing a template for Free Printable Place Cards with an elegant scroll design. Place cards are an undervalued detail in the reception planning process.

I prefer a seating plan over open seating to avoid the ‘seating shuffle', where guests shuffle between tables, weighing the pros and cons of each seat, not wanting to claim a seat too early and have Aunt Gladys pick the next seat, but not wanting to get left with the seat right under the A/C vent and spend the night shivering. A little strategy can go a long way when putting together your seating plan. It can encourage mingling, it can keep the conversation rolling by having talkative guests at a table with more reserved guests, and, for those name challenged guests, a seating plan with place cards will ensure the gentleman you keep referring to as Harry, is actually Harry.



Step #1:


Download the template and open in Microsoft Word. Add the names from your guest list in the text box, and change the table number in the gray circle so that it is correct according to your seating plan.

Hint: Find the longest name on your guest list and add it to the first card. Adjust the font size until you are pleased with the look, then carry these settings to the remaining cards.

Step #2:


The place cards will print four per page. User a paper trimmer, scissors, or an X-acto knife and ruler to trim the cards to size along the trim lines.

Step #3:


For the sharpest creases, use a bone folder to press and fold the place card in half. This task can also be achieved by folding and pressing with your hands if you don't have a bone folder available.

Step #4:


The place cards can be stood up and used as they are, or embellished to coordinate with your wedding theme. These cards would work attached to a photo clip in your wedding color, or placed in a small picture frame. Include a photo of the bride and groom behind the place card and have it double as your favors. Bring a different look to the cards by printing on colored card stock. Light card stock will work best so that the text is easily read.

There are lots of fun ways to personalize the cards so get your thinking cap on and get crafty.

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