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Hi BSBers!  Today I have to reach out to all of you for some help and guidance.  The current wedding conundrum is picking my flowers.  After every up and down thus far, this decision has been by far the hardest.

I started researching a few local florists and have been overly shocked at the price of flowers.  Jaw dropping shocked.  Just the bridal bouquet was $400 alone.  Luckily for me, I DIYed my bouquet for $30!  I love the look and feel of it.  It was completely trial and error arranging the flowers until they had the look I was going for.


 But the rest of the flowers….I am stuck!  I am very intimidated by floral arrangements and the price.  They can either look really professional and amazing or really cheap and since I have no idea what I am doing, I am afraid my arrangements will look cheap.  Here are a few photos of inspiration I have been looking at:


yellow wedding bouquet

Source via Pinterest

yellow wedding bouquet

Yahoo Images via Pinterest

yellow wedding bouquet

Source via Pinterest

I still need basically ALL of my flowers.  I need bridesmaid bouquets, boutonnieres, centerpieces, and I feel like there should be some sort of arrangement at the ceremony (outdoors).  The problem I am having is my total budget for all of these things is about $400 but that includes my other reception decor.

I have been eyeing the flowers my local grocery stores have on display and if I choose to go down the DIY, real route, Whole Foods seems to have the biggest selection of flowers.  Of course, if we DIY real flowers, that is another item to add to our to do list the night before (not against it, but when you are DIY heavy, that can turn into a lot).  My main concern is really the bouquets.  I can make the bouts and the centerpieces do not have to be anything elaborate (lets face it, I want people on the dance floor, not oogling over flowers and mason jars).

So I turn to all of you.  What are you doing about your flowers?  Are you making your own arrangements?  Real or fake?

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I'm Heather, a 28 year old Tradeshow Account Executive living in Atlanta, GA. Matt and I have been together 8 years and plan to be married May 25, 2013 at our rustic wedding in Atlanta.

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  • I’m actually not using flowers for my bouquet. I decided that rather than the typical flower or brooch bouquet I would do something different. I will be carrying a cascading crystal bouquet. Not real crystals of course, but I plan going to Michaels or A.C. Moore to pick up their crystal picks in clear and purple and combining them to make a unique bouquet for me.

    • Wow!! Sounds very glamorous– you’ll have to share pictures once you’ve put it together, I’d love to see how it turns out!! 🙂 xo

    • Kelsey Scarbrough

      Please post your inspiration! This sounds beautiful and something I’d like to do!

      • I will be happy to send some pictures once it’s done. I actually got the idea from an episode of Four Weddings. One of the brides had done it for her bouquet. I will see if can find it online to show you all.

    • That sounds beautiful! I cant wait to see pictures when you are done!

  • Kelsey Scarbrough

    For my ceremony decor, I am thinking about purchasing white flowers from the Dollar Tree. There are many styles that look more fake than others, but I have found some that are very real looking. For my centerpieces, bouquets, and decor – I am purchasing wholesale carnation flowers for around $250 for my entire ceremony and reception.

  • heather

    This is so ironic…my name is also Heather and I just had a major meltdown this morning due to flowers:) My amazing friend is making my bouquet as well as the other flowers for those in the wedding. She is using a mix of dried and silk to replicate a bouquet I found on Etsy that ran about $400.00. She actually ended up buying most of the flowers from that particular vendor.

    Anyways…we are having an outside garden wedding on a lake. The owner is a master gardener so I don’t see the need to spend much on flowers since we are literally sitting in the middle of a garden. I just wanted “filler flowers” for these adorable cans I have ..yup cans! Spaghetti and soup cans and then I had labels made from Etsy and they are adorbs. The filler flowers are going to cost about $400.00…..(40 bucks a table) …hold up! I guess I had NO idea what flowers cost…filler flowers are that much? Back to the drawing board for me. My mom recently moved to Ecuador and she was saying how she wishes she could bring back Ecuadorian Roses…2.99 a dozen. I sure wish she could too!

    • Oooooh I want to see the cans and the cute labels!! Post them on our facebook page!! 🙂

    • I am so in love with the can idea! I hope you post the pictures on the Facebook page! Flowers are seriously tough! I had all these visions in my head and I think I just need to keep it simple. Have you seen the post after this one about Their prices arent bad at all. I am probably going to have to take a trip to Hobby Lobby (50% florals this week) and compare prices.

      • Let us know your findings! Afloral’s prices seem really reasonable- and the instructions are great!!

  • Steph

    I was in a similar situation too when I began to think about flowers. I decided to DIY my BM’s bouquets because I thought it would be more cost effective, go with my vintage theme, and overall let my BM’s know that I really cherish them being apart of my special day. The bouquets that I have made are made with lots of lace, linen, and vintage brooches. They have been very time consuming but I’m really happy with the turn-out. Overall, it has cost me 115$ to make 6 bouquets. Although for my bridal bouquet, I have chosen to go with real flowers. Also, check out Fiftyflowers for inexpensive flowers if you go the DIY route.


    • This sounds so cute!! Please share pictures when you get them finished!! 🙂

  • For my bouquet, it is included in the package for our destination wedding at the resort. My girls are not having real flowers; I made them wrist corsages out of lace and fake flowers. They are carrying parasols instead. Total cost? $60 tops, and that included a parasol for me as well for pictures, all materials for corsages for the girls, moms, and all 4 grandmothers AND the boutonnieres for the men in the party – groom, best man, fathers, and grandfathers. They are shells. It actually cost me less, since I had all of the material for the corsages, but if I had gone out and purchased them, that would be the cost.

    For our at-home reception, for centrepieces, I am buying baby’s breath and maybe carnations in bulk here, transporting them to our site (a few hours away… going to be the hardest part of the process) and putting bunches in the jars I have been collecting for the past 2 years. Hopefully that does not get too expensive. I will also may be putting together a small bouquet for me to toss (a few carnations, likely) to recreate that at the at home reception.

    I really like the look of the same flower bunched together. You get big impact for not a lot of money.

    Good luck!

    • Great advice Krysta!! I agree that using a single style bloom en masse is a great way to make a big impact!

  • Colleen

    We asked the grocery store florist to do inexpensive boutonnieres and order some fresh flowers in the colors we wanted. We then made the girls’ bouquets the day before the wedding. We didn’t do any decorations for the ceremony and just used an assortment of candles on a mirror in the center of each table. While flowers are beautiful, they are expensive, take time to set up/take down, and are gone the next day. For your outdoor ceremony, perhaps you could use potted plants that could be re-purposed at home afterward?

    • Great idea! Potted plants can be relatively inexpensive, and candles are a great option as well!

  • I am with you–traditional flowers are way outside my budget! Instead, I am using minimal fake flowers and making others for decorations out of paper and fabric. For bouquets I got lucky. My grandmother makes jewelry, and she is making the bouquet out of beads. It is one of my favorite things so far. She found the tutorial online and the beads at Michael’s!

    I love your bouquet! It is so pretty!

    • Thanks! The flowers came from the place I least expected…IKEA. Yours sounds like it is going to be beautiful

  • Angelique

    We saved a lot of money by skipping flowers altogether! With the exception of my bouquet, I did not have any flowers at all for my wedding last December. I made my bouquet myself using silk flowers and pinecones. Instead of bouquets my bridesmaids carried lanterns. We did not do any boutonnieres or corsages and not a single person noticed. For our ceremony decor we used lanterns with candles in them, twinkle lights and some more candles. For the centerpieces we used lanterns (purchased at Ikea for approx $10 each)and put pinecones and twinkle lights in them.

    If you are dead set on floral arrangements I would check with the floral departments at your local grocery stores. Also, do you have a farmer’s market that may have vendors that sell flowers?

  • Stephanie

    I too was frustrated with the cost;however, I ended up doing my own arrangements, with the help of my bridesmaids and mom, and they were wonderful! I now am a full time florist and I love it!

    Real flowers are always less expensive than fake. You need to just buy them from a place that sells them at wholesale. There are some wholesale places that do not sell to the public, but you can always ask. In Los Angeles there is a flower mart that has hours for wholesale and for the public. If you live by a sea port, there is usually a wholesale place nearby, just research.

    Also, you can order the flowers from Costco or Sam’s Club or Oder on-line from a wholesale place that sells to the public.

    Flowers are the freshest from a wholesale place versus the supermarket, so you can get them two to three days before your wedding, arrange them and keep the arrengements in water with flower food, and in a cold and sunless place until the wedding.

    Have all your creative family come over, clean all the greenery off the flowers and then have them arrange. Make examples of each first and have them copy. I suggest getting some flowers to practice what you want way way before. And here is a hint: any type of mum is very inexpensive and they come in all colors and shapes. Add these to roses or other flowers you love to make arrangements full. Also tell the wholesale person you would like local flowers if possible, they are cheaper. You will need plenty of buckets to store the flowers in before you arrange them and maybe let your bridesmaids arrange their own. Also watch as many YouTube videos on arranging flowers and making boutionners as you can.

    For ordering flowers look at a photo of what you like, count the number of flowers you see by type, then add five to each count and tell them you are ordering BY STEM, not by bunch, so ask them to figure out how many bunches you need by your per stem counts. Greenery is inexpensive, so don’t forget to order some.

    Use vases from all your family members to get free vases(put tape on the bottom of each with family member’s name) and tell all guest that they cannot take the centerpieces because they are family member’s vases(if you don’t announce this to guests, you’ll have many missing vases-trust me) then the owner of the vase gets a beautiful arrangement to take home (tell them this before and tell them their name is in the bottom).

    Good luck! You will have so much fun, just plan ahead.

    • Wow such great advice! Thank you! I am going to shop around at wholesale for sure because I wouldn’t mind giving the girls real flowers. There are so many options, its almost overwhelming.

      • Aronna

        Do you have a Sams Club in your area? on their web site they have a way of ordering wedding packages or bulk flowers.
        I saw that suggestion a few weeks ago and the price is wonderful, so that’s what I’m going with!

        there’s also lots of tutorials on flower arranging on you tube.

  • Karen

    I am making the flowers for my bouquet and the bridesmaids and boutonnieres using fabric. It is time consuming, but it can be done way before the wedding! I used fabrics in my color scheme, but used different patterns and bought whatever was on clearance that matched. I don’t really sew, but there are plenty of flowers you can make just using hot glue. And they last forever!

  • Brianne

    I saved a TON of money on flowers by going to Michael’s. I chose tropical flowers- some orchids you can’t even tell if they’re real or fake anyway! They actually have someone at Michael’s who does arrangements, the people I worked with were actual florists before. You have to pay for the price of the flowers and a slight percentage for the arrangements being done for you. I went in around January to get my arrangements figured out for my March wedding. It just so happened the store was running a 50% off sale of ALL flowers and flower services (woooohooo!!!) My wedding party is pretty small- 3 maids, 4 groomsmen…I had them do bouquets for the girls and boutineers for the guys…. after the discount it came out to $120!!!!! Holy moly- what a HUGE savings!

    To save on table centerpieces since it’s a tropical wedding we are just using different size vases, filling part way with sand ($5 bag at lowes!) and lighting candles (very cheap at ikea) in them. Super easy and pretty inexpensive!

  • Kirsten

    Forgo the flowers! We nixed the boutonnières and corsages and seriously no one even noticed (too prom-ish for us anyway). We also nixed the flowers for the ceremony and reception and instead made our own non-floral centerpieces (wood, metal and a few succulents) which got Rave reviews from the guests. your wedding does not “have to” have flowers – if you need to infuse yellow into the decor, consider lemons, ribbons, yellow paper flowers, or heck for our wedding we used yellow colored aquarium gravel to fill the bottom of trays/vases. Use it as an opportunity to think outside the box and be creative – I guarantee people will not remember what flavor of cake or type of flower in your bouquet, they will remember what was unique and personal to you. Your wedding doesn’t have to include pricey flowers – it will still be wonderful!

  • izzy

    Have you looked into Costco? They have packages that includes bouts for groom and groomsmen, bridal bouquet, toss bouquet, bridesmaids bouquets and even corsages for the mothers. They have packages that range in pricing between $300-400.

  • Kate

    One thing I’m planning is to do a mix of real flowers and fun diy paper flowers. My mom used to grow cut flowers, so she won’t allow silk flowers (its a pet peeve of hers). So she’s in charge of doing the bouquets and bouts. She and my aunts will probably be doing them at 1 am the night before.

    But for table centerpieces, I’m planning a mix. I figure we can have a girls craft night a few weeks before and make tons of fun paper flowers. With the paper flowers and some real flowers, greenery, and grasses mixed in tons of mismatched jars and vases, I think it’ll have an eclectic, wildflower feel.

    But the best tip for doing flowers cheap is GREENERY. Think about it: grass is cheap (if not free) but big tall clumps of it are beautiful. Talk to a local farmer for ideas. (one of my mom’s favorite greens are asparagus gone to seed. They’re light and frilly with little seed pods all over…marvelous.)

  • Naomi Newman

    Alot of venues that I’ve noticed are all inclusive. Most of these include the center piece and decoration flowers. So if you find. Venue like this, the personal flowers are all you have to come up with. Which, those can be easier like making your own bouquet.

  • Geena

    I’m having a little bit of flower trouble myself, My wedding budget is $5,000 and I’d like to spend $150 on flowers. I’m planning on going to grocery stores like Walmart and Meijer’s the day before my wedding to pick some up. I figure 15 $10 bouquets or 10 $15 bouquets would be good for everything. My sister had each bridesmaid carry a single red rose and it turned out to be really beautiful. For my reception I wanted to do a lot of single flowers in vases interspersed with candles and the bottles of champagne. I also plan to have small bouquets for the bridesmaids, boutonnieres (maybe a single flower)and hopefully little corsages for our mothers. I might combine two bouquets for mine. My color palette is multicolored btw.

  • (Almost) Mrs. Tackett

    Does anyone know where you can find a small quantity of flowers? Sam’s and Costco sell roses and carnations online in multiples of 100,(almost nothing in store here) and I’m trying to find 1 dozen carnations in 4 colors for my bridesmaid’s bouquets, + lots of different wildflowers, and 2 dozen white roses and can’t find that online anywhere without paying almost what I would give a florist. Unfortunately being in one of the most landlocked states in the Union means no flower markets within 100 miles. *Sigh* I’ve seen pictures of the one in LA and am dying to go.

    • Have you thought about online sources like , , etc? They might have what you’re looking for!

  • Sarah Rodriguez

    How much would it cost to have real flowers at a wedding?
    Flowers are Roses.

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