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Clever Ways to Save on Your Wedding Flowers

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Want to save money on your wedding flowers? Consider these unique flower options and alternatives for your wedding florals.


No matter what your wedding priorities are, there are multiple ways you can cut back on costs for any aspect of a wedding day. When it comes to wedding flowers, there are several unique strategies we’ve outlined below that will allow you to have beautiful flowers on a budget. From renting silk flowers, sharing arrangements with other couples, and/or being strategic in your choices, you can pull off a lovely floral look for less.

Select a Pre-Made Designer Collection

The Bouqs

Want a designer floral collection at a price that feels right to you? The Bouqs has partnered with bridal designer Monique Lhullier to bring savvy couples high-end style in pre-arranged or DIY package options!

There are many different styles and themes to choose from, and you can select the package that suits your needs in terms of quantities. You can get stunning wedding flowers with designer style, done for you, and still on a reasonable budget!

Just like their gift flowers, all wedding orders from The Bouqs are cut-and-shipped direct from the farm. They arrive fresher, last longer and save couples up to 80% vs. a traditional florist!

Learn more about the wedding packages available from The Bouqs:

Save Money on Your Wedding Flowers with Something Borrowed Blooms - Silk Wedding Flowers for Rent
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Rent Your Wedding Flowers

Something Borrowed Blooms

If you want a lush, luxurious look for less, then using silk floral arrangements might be the perfect choice for you! Something Borrowed Blooms is a rent-and-return silk floral boutique, offering numerous floral collections to match any wedding style, theme or season.

By choosing to use silk flowers, you can get large, luxe blooms like peonies for half price of the real thing. Plus– you don’t have to worry about what floral styles are actually in-season during the month of your wedding.

Learn more about Something Borrowed Blooms wedding flower packages:

Get Guided DIY Wedding Flower Advice

Bloom Culture Flowers

If you want to arrange your own wedding flowers but could use a little guidance, then Bloom Culture Flowers might be the best option for you! Get expert advice on DIYing your flowers with a complete game-plan to get you down the aisle with style. They’ll even place your floral order and have the fresh blooms delivered to your door, complete with flower recipes for each arrangement.

Their exclusive library of DIY tutorials cut the guesswork out and teach you the techniques you need to make your wedding flowers look like they were done by a pro. Best of all, their brides can save 50-60% on their flowers compared to using a traditional florist, and 15% more than the average DIY bride!

Learn more about the DIY guided wedding flower packages from Bloom Culture Flowers:

Get Access to Real-Time Event Flowers

Bouquet for a Day

Now, we think this is a truly unique way to save money on your wedding flowers! Re-use the floral arrangements from other weddings or events in your area with Bouquet for a Day!

Their innovative platform allows you to find and take advantage of pre-arranged flowers from other local events. Just input your event details and you’ll see a local map displaying neighboring events. You’ll be able to browse events happening within 3 days of yours that want to share flowers. It’s a great way to keep event costs down, as well as avoiding the waste of those beautiful arrangements. Best of all– it’s free to use!

Learn more about Bouquet for a Day and how to get access to event flowers in your area:

Be Strategic in Your Flower Selection with these tips:

money saving flower advice weddings

Buy Wholesale Flowers in Bulk to DIY

money saving flower advice weddings

Choose Flowers that are In-Season

money saving flower advice weddings

Choose baby’s breath and greenery

money saving flower advice weddings

Choose cost-effective blooms

1. Buy Wholesale Flowers in Bulk

Save money on flowers by ordering them in bulk and DIYing them yourself! Check out our recommendations for where to buy bulk flowers online for your wedding!

2. Choose In-Season Flowers

Selecting flowers that are in-season is a great way to reduce your expenses. Seasonal flowers are more readily available so they tend to cost less. Learn which flowers are in-season during your wedding month.

3. Use fillers to bulk up your arrangements

Another way to reduce the cost of your fresh blooms is to use as much filler as possible. Stems like baby’s breath and greenery make for great fillers to beef up your arrangements for less.

4. Choose cost-effective blooms

There are certain flower types that are known for being more affordable than others. Generally speaking, carnations and gypsophilia are always an affordable choice.

Strive to be Savvy with these Simple Wedding Flower Choices!

Janice Bell is the creator and owner of Flower Bar located in Bakersfield, California. Her attention to detail and desire to make brides happy has transitioned her favorite past time into a career. Since opening her flower shop, Janice has worked with high end and budget savvy brides as well as large scale hotel displays, floats, and corporate events.

It is no secret that wedding flowers can be very expensive, but with a little flexibility and creativity we are almost always able to fit flowers into whatever budget a bride has given us. Here are 9 budget-saving tips from Janice of Flower Bar:

1. Splurge on the details but DIY the rest.

I always suggest for brides to use a professional florist for the bouquets and boutonnieres, but make the centerpieces yourself. The bouquets and boutonnieres can be a challenge to make if you don’t have experience with flowers. These are also a focal point of your wedding and you will likely have them in your wedding pictures. The centerpieces can be a fun DIY project and a great way to show off your style and creativity.

2. Spoil yourself.

If your favorite flower happens to be a pricy peony, have the florist use a few in your bouquet and maybe one for the groom’s boutonniere, but opt for less expensive flowers for your bridesmaids and groomsmen. You will get to smell and enjoy it all day long and it sets your bouquet apart from the bridesmaids.

3. Forget the traditions.

Do not feel the need to give parents and other attendants a corsage or boutonniere. We find that most moms don’t want to have a corsage pinned to their dress or wear flowers on their wrist and the dads are happier without anything. Although they are small and costs can be minimal, the costs of these traditions add up fast.

4. Avoid the sea of sameness.

Flowers on every table can break the bank. Go for variation on your centerpieces. I suggest using two or three different centerpieces on the guest’s tables. Some tables could be set with flowers, others with a lantern, and the remaining with a terrarium. A little creativity can go a long way in the thrift store to save money here.

5. Simple is more than enough.

The centerpieces do not have to be big or include a lot of small items. There is already a lot on a table with plates, napkins, flatware, multiple glasses, salt and pepper, table numbers and let’s not forget the bread basket. Drop a single flower in assorted thrift store bud vases or bottles, fill a tin can or pint sized paint can with a cluster of the same flower, or place a large single flower in a small container on a stack of books.

6. Follow the seasons.

Common flowers such as roses, carnations, chrysanthemums, lilies, alstroemeria and baby’s breath, just to name a few, are readily available all year. Most other flowers follow the seasons. Add in some stock in the spring, hydrangeas in the summer, dahlias in the fall, and berried greenery in the winter to take up space while adding visual interest.

7. Green is good.

This tip is always a big budget saver and thankfully it’s in style too. Go for the natural look and use a wide variety of greenery and berries with just a few flowers. Make sure to ask for some draping greenery to create flow and add drama.

8. Be upfront with your budget.

There is no shame in planning a wedding on a budget. Before you get into all the details of the wedding flowers of your dreams, tell your florist your budget. This will help them guide you to make the consultation more useful and avoid a huge shock when you get the quote.

9. Ask for suggestions.

Any good florist should know ways to cut down on the initial flower quote. It could be as simple as using more of the less expensive flowers, and less of the pricier flowers. If the florist isn’t helpful or accommodating, keep shopping.

We hope this post inspires you to seek out cost-saving alternatives that work for you and your wedding plans!

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