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Get the Look of Fine Jewelry on a Budget

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Get the Look of Fine Jewelry on a Budget

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What to keep in mind when shopping for fine jewelry on a budget

Whether you’re shopping for affordable fine jewelry for your wedding day (or any day beyond) this post is for you. Below we share four savvy strategies for getting the look of luxury for less!

How to Get the Luxurious Look of Fine Jewelry for Less

Opt for Simple, Solid Pieces

One way to get fine jewelry look for less is to seek out affordable options for quality pieces. Consider a retailer such as AURate who features transparent pricing, sustainable production, and ethical sourcing. Buy the best quality you can afford in a simple design to stretch your spend as far as possible, without sacrificing style. Simplicity is chic, and there’s no way to look finer. Below are some simple and stunning pieces of fine jewelry, all made with real diamonds and 14k gold.

Choose Diamond Alternatives

Want the look of bling for less? Consider a diamond alternative like a moissanite or cubic zirconia. These stones are often just as sparkly and radiant as a diamond, if not more so, and are available at a fraction of the cost. Sounds pretty savvy to us! Another option is to choose a lab-created diamond for a significant cost-savings over traditionally mined stones. Check out these moissanite and lab-created diamond options below.

Pick Plated Pieces

Instead of going for solid gold, opt instead for gold plated pieces to get the look for less. Gold vermeil is a popular choice for jewelry because it appears to be the real deal, while it’s actually only an outer coating of actual gold over a lower-grade metal like sterling silver. Gorjana is a brand that is known for their assortment of gorgeous gold vermeil jewelry at affordable price points. Browse some gold plated pieces we’ve picked out below!

Go Fully Faux

Instead of splurging on the real deal, consider opting for faux stones and gold-plated brass, bronze, or copper. You’re likely to find pieces that fit this description at the more affordable fashion jewelry retailers like Baublebar. Going fully faux will definitely give you the best bang for your buck, and we’re willing to bet that most people will be none the wiser. Frolick through these fabulous faux finds below!

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