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Choosing Wedding Jewelry: Tips for Picking the Perfect Bridal Accessories

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Need help choosing the perfect wedding jewelry to wear on your big day? Check out these tips for selecting your wedding accessories.


Choosing your wedding day jewelry and accessories is like picking the perfect frosting for your wedding cake. It’s those little finishing touches that can make all the difference.

Your choice of wedding jewelry will be based on several other factors including the style of your wedding dress and the hairstyle you plan to wear. One decision might influence the other, in the end.

You might be struggling to decide between dainty drop earrings, studs, or something bolder for your ears. Maybe you’re unsure whether to wear a delicate necklace, a statement piece, or nothing at all. Below, we’ll share some advice for selecting the best jewelry for your wedding day look based on all the factors at play!

Choosing Wedding Jewelry for Your Big Day Look

Check out this list of tips for you to keep in mind when selecting the bridal accessories you will wear on your wedding day!

Stay True to Your Personal Style

Your wedding day is a special day, but you still want to look like yourself, right? While we’re all about embracing the occasion to dress up and detour from your everyday look, you probably should avoid wearing styles that are completely not you. These are photos that you’ll look at every day for the rest of your lives, so you want to look like the best possible version of your authentic self– and that goes for your wedding dress and your accessories!

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Don’t Over-Accessorize

Your best bet is to keep your wedding day look chic, simple, and timeless if you don’t want your wedding photos to look dated AF. What’s currently trending probably won’t be trendy a few decades from now… so keep that in mind when choosing your wedding day look and accessories. Just think about your Aunt Judy’s very ’80s look in her wedding album… that’s what we’re trying to avoid here, ladies.

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Match Your Metals

While every single piece doesn’t have to match exactly, it’s a good idea to make sure all of the accents on your jewelry and accessories are made from the same metal color. If your engagement ring and wedding band are white gold, platinum, or sterling silver, you will likely want to stick with white metals for your earrings, necklaces, or bracelets as well as any hairpieces.

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Mimic Your Dress Details

Is your dress made with lace fabric with a lovely floral pattern? Or are there tiny pearls bedazzling your bodice? Pick out these tiny dress details and find jewelry and other accessories that incorporate similar touches. This will help to pull together your total look in a cohesive and lovely way.

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Keep Your Neckline in Mind

If your wedding dress has a halter style neckline, you may opt to skip a necklace entirely. Alternatively, if your wedding gown is strapless, you might choose to wear a bold statement necklace instead. Keep your overall wedding aesthetic and personal style balanced when considering how your neckline plays with your jewelry.

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Consider your hairstyle

The way you wear your hair will definitely influence your wedding day look, from your veil or hair accessories to the jewelry you choose. If you’re wearing your hair up, that leaves space for your ears to make a statement. Depending on your hairstyle, you may consider wearing a pair of dainty drop earrings or a bold statement drop earring.

Keep formality in mind

If your wedding is in a lavishly beautiful ballroom, you likely want to accessorize in a way that fits the aesthetic. On the other hand, if your wedding venue and theme is a bit more on the laid-back or casual side, wearing a ton of blingy jewelry may not mesh so well.

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Consider Costs

If you’re choosing something simple, classic, and timeless, feel free to splurge a bit more on something you could wear again and again. Picking wedding jewelry that you can rewear means you’ll get more use out of the pieces, reducing the cost-per-wear to make a bigger price tag more palatable.

Now that you’ve considered all the details you need to choose the perfect jewelry and accessories for your wedding day, it’s time to get to shopping! No matter what, make sure to stay true to yourself and choose the wedding details that feel authentic for your special day.

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