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Songs to Add to Your "Getting Ready" Playlist for an Epic Wedding Morning

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Looking for the best songs to add to your getting-ready playlist for the morning of your wedding? Check out this list of our favorites to get the wedding vibes going!


It’s almost your wedding day, and you know what that means. It’s time to turn up the volume for a killer playlist! Your maids are getting excited, your makeup artist and hair stylist have arrived, and some pre-wedding drinks are being poured. Having a great getting ready playlist to play on the morning of your wedding day will make your day even more memorable.

Listening to music when you are getting ready to walk down the aisle is key to setting the tone and the vibes for the day. After all, you’ve been waiting for this day for quite a while– it’s really special and deserves a special playlist for the occasion! 

To make you feel energetic and bring the mood up, your getting ready playlist should bring you lots of joy and smiles. You and your bridesmaids will enjoy having a dance party or singalong to your favorite tunes in your matching getting-ready outfits– just imagine the photos!

Below is a list of songs you may want to add to your getting ready playlist, organized by genre! Plus, find the links to the tunes on Spotify, Amazon, or Apple for easy adding to your chosen platform’s playlist! You’re welcome. 😉 

Girl Power


Do you want to spice things up in the room with a Katy Perry Song playing in the background? This fierce girl song is fitting for a girl power playlist. It’s a track that empowers one to stand back up for themselves. No matter your challenges, you don’t want anyone to knock you down. 

Girl on Fire 

Alicia Keys is one of the most iconic singers who advocate for women’s rights, so her songs are always about empowering women. “Girl on Fire” is about a new beginning and being strong like a superhero, which is the perfect song for the morning of your wedding day. 

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun 

This classic song by Lauper will bring a great vibe to the room. Women deserve to have fun, enjoy their lives, make decisions, achieve everything, and not be restricted in their freedom. This is a must-add to your getting ready playlist!

Single Ladies 

You have to make room for the Queen, duh! The song “Single Ladies” by Beyonce is always a fun song to listen to and must be played on your wedding morning. It’s not about the gifts your man gives you– this song symbolizes the true meaning of respect, love, and commitment a woman deserves. This fun, dancy song is also compelling and sends a powerful message! 

Miss Independent 

Kelly Clarkson’s song title says it all – independence. It’s a delightful song to listen to. Even though you may want to be independent, you sometimes need another person for support. A girl can take care of herself without a man or anyone’s help. However, having a significant other to help you throughout your life is a plus. 


A quirky yet catchy song by the Spice Girls. It’s about the value of female friendship over a romantic relationship with a male. It’s a fabulous song to play when you are getting ready with your bridesmaids in the morning! 

Lovey Dovey


Bruno Mars always makes it onto a playlist since his songs are so popular. This song is about a woman who deserves all the love she deserves in life. This song is super funky, sends disco vibes, and a strong message about a woman’s value. A prime song choice to consider adding to your playlist. 


Everyone knows Ed Sheeran is the guy who writes songs that everyone can relate to. He wrote “Perfect,” an old-fashioned love ballad for his back-then girlfriend (now wife.) A beautiful love song will remind you of your past and beautiful memories with your partner. A must-have piece to listen to on the day of your wedding. 

All of Me 

Everyone knows that John Legend is an exquisite singer that always takes the audience’s breath away. His song “All of Me” sums up what it means to be in love which is a romantic and blissful song to listen to in the morning. The song is about his love for Chrissy, which shows his deep feelings for his wife. Definite wedding day vibes! 

Say You Won’t Let Go 

This song by James Arthur is a love story that everyone often hopes and wishes for. It is romantic to listen to a song about spending your future life with someone. You can’t get more romantic than this. The absolute best song to listen to right before saying, “I do.” 

Kiss the Girl 

If you are a Disney fan, this is a super romantic song. Just like the characters, Ariel and Eric, who are about to kiss one another, you are about to kiss the man of your dreams. A cute and sweet song that will make you blush and feel like a fairytale princes on the morning of your wedding! 

Chill and Relaxing

I’m Yours 

A wedding is about making the most of the present moment, and Jason Mraz’s song is based on that philosophy. A romantic love song that is relaxing to listen to in the morning. Since you are ready to wed your partner, you are ready to accept everything to come. 

A Thousand Years 

This song isn’t just for Twilight fans. Christina Perri wrote this romantic song about Edward and Bella. Just like Edward and Bella found each other, you found your soon-to-be spouse. This might get the tears flowing and emotions running so proceed with caution!

You’ve Got the Love

Florence & The Machine’s signature and the classic song “You’ve Got the Love” is a must-have song. It was originally a hit in 1986 by Candi Station, and Florence Machine brought it back to life. It’s fun and enjoyable to listen to and packs a powerful message.

Can’t Help Falling in Love 

Everyone should know Elvis Presley as the legendary musician from the 1950s. Adding Elvis to your wedding playlist is a no-brainer because he is an iconic singer. His deep voice is soothing and relaxing to the ears when he sings this song. It’s also a great first dance song contender!


The legendary musician, Jeff Buckley, made the song so beautiful that it will bring you to tears. To summarize, it’s about everything on earth – love and life. This calming song cover by Pentatonix will make you feel at peace in the morning. If you’re in need of a tune to bring you calm before it’s time to head down the aisle, this is a fabulous choice.


Stupid Love 

If you want to jam early in the morning, “Stupid Love” might be your song. It is a high-energy electro-pop song about falling in love and will make you hype up for the actual wedding. It’s great to get you energetic before the day even starts. 

Crazy in Love 

This song sounds perfect for playing on the morning of your wedding. When your love is so strong, you start to act crazy, just like this Beyonce song. You know how it is. Love can make you crazy and irrational! A lively song that will make you dance all morning. 

Feel So Close 

This electro-pop song by Calvin Harris is all about falling in love. The high energy and vibes the song gives off will make you so excited that you want to get up and dance. Perfect for if you want to feel thrilled and pumped up about your special day!

Can’t Stop the Feeling 

When the wedding day arrives, you probably have many emotions you can’t express. A perfect upbeat song to put you in the cheeriest mood is “Can’t Stop the Feeling” by Justin Timberlake. How could you not have a huge smile on your face when listening to this song? Be sure to add this one to your getting ready playlist.

A Sky Full of Stars

Your wedding day is about appreciating and being with the person you love. The song entirely sums up what it means to love someone and invest in that person. An essential and beautiful song that fits the perfect morning. 

Permission to Dance 

K-pop has become famous worldwide, especially with the boy band BTS. “Permission to Dance” is all about feeling joy and being positive. If you are stressing or worrying about something, you shouldn’t be since it’s your wedding day. This song will change your bad mood into a happy one in seconds and let you enjoy your special day. 

Raise Your Glass

A wedding is about enjoying, letting loose, having fun, and being yourself. A catchy song, “Raise Your Glass,” is the perfect song to listen to if you want some fun, wacky moments before the wedding. Not everything will be perfect, so just go with the flow and accept it. 

Ready, Set, Start!

With this playlist, you’re set to start the day in a good mood before the wedding! Music helps create good vibes while you get ready with your wedding party. Whether you listen to relaxing, upbeat, fierce, or girly songs, these songs will help you create beautiful wedding memories.

Music truly serves as the soundtrack of your life. Intentionally select songs you love to add to your getting-ready playlist so you can recall all the beautiful memories you share with your closest friends on the wedding day.


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