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Gifts for Shower Hostesses

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Wedding shower season is upon me, and with that is the realization that I need to find some affordable gifts for the wonderful women who are so loving and generous and want to throw me parties?! It’s amazing the amount of love I feel in this season, people want to celebrate the love that Brady and I have for one another! It’s so sweet.

There are lots of different ideas for gifts that you can make or buy for those showing love to you in this way, and below you can find some inspiration for budgets both small and large! I may even use some of these ideas as gifts for bridesmaids later on. 🙂

There are many many tutorials out there for a variety of candle DIY projects, no matter what your style is! Here are a few of my favorite ideas.


Color Block Crayon Candles! These are so cute and unique! You could choose to use wedding colors to stay with your theme, personalize by using your favorite color and theirs, or do an assortment of different colors.


These copper candles have such a minimalist style to them. I love it!

Another idea that is really fun (especially if you enjoy puns) is to gift hostesses with a note similar to:

Thank you so much for hosting… I am so lucky to 
have such a thoughtful and talented friend… 
I hope your next “shower” is just as enjoyable.
Gifts that would go well with this would be umbrellas, shower gel, or soaps!
Making a little gift box is another cute idea! You can include smaller items, but a number of them, and present them in a cute (and affordable!) way!
I think coasters are really fun, especially if you make personalized picture coasters for the hostesses. It’s a great way to bring back old memories and it’s fairly cheap to make!
If you’re wanting to make something, these pouches are so cute! I don’t know if I have the skills to make them yet or not, but the patterns are so fun and every girl needs another pouch to store this or that!
Are you planning to get gifts for your shower hostesses, and if so, what kind? Do you plan to make gifts yourself or purchase them? Are you getting identical gifts, or personalizing them for each person?

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