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Glitter Monogram Pillow using the Cricut Explore Air

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Learn how to personalize your own decorative glitter monogram pillows with this DIY tutorial featuring Cricut! Warning: you’re going to want to monogram everything now.

Glitter Monogram Pillow using the Cricut Explore Air

Today we’re crafting up a fun keepsake that you can enjoy in your home using the Cricut Explore Air! Haven’t we all swooned over custom monogrammed pillows, but the price tag? Woof!

We decided to use the Cricut Explore Air and some iron-on material to take things into our own hands and DIY a gorgeous pillow for the bedroom.

Best of all — you don’t need any crazy design skills or knowledge– this tutorial and the Cricut Explore makes this a super simple project that you can customize for any occasion! Check out the full tutorial below.

DIY Glitter Monogram Pillow Tutorial Using Cricut Glitter Vinyl


What you’ll need:

Cricut Monogram Pillow

1. Measure your pillow cover.

Take your Pillow Cover and measure it. Decide how large you’d like your monogram to be so you know how big to make it in Design Space.

My pillow was 18 inches square (from H&M’s home store — such cute and affordable stuff!), and I decided to make my monogram no larger than 10 inches.

2. Create your monogram design.

You’ll want to start by creating your monogram in Cricut Design Space. I created my monogram using Monogram KK Font from dafont.com. It’s FREE! You can download it here.

Type your Monogram Letters by using the text tool and select the Monogram KK font. And then select Isolate Letters. This will make all 3 of your letters separate so you can move and size them independently.

monogrammed pillow cricut

3. Size your monogram to fit your pillowcase.

Size your letters to the size you want them. For my monogram, I made the last initial (B) the largest, at 8 inches tall. Then, I made the first initials (E and J), each 6 inches tall. Finally, I placed a 10×10 square onto my canvas to keep a reference of how tall or wide the design could be. I really like the way these monograms look when the letters overlap and intertwine, so I made sure each of the letters touched or overlapped in some way.

monogrammed pillow cricut

4. Merge your letters.

Once my design was how I liked it, I selected all 3 letter layers and clicked Weld. This makes any overlapping edges combine into one large piece!

monogrammed pillow cricut

5. Cut your monogram using Cricut Explore Air.

Now you’re ready to cut! Make sure to delete or hide your square layer if you made it for a guide. Click the green GO button in the top right of Design Space to create your project. It looks like this:

Cricut GO Button

The Cricut software will place the design on a page for you to cut the project out. Make sure to select “Mirror Image (for iron-on) in the next panel.


Place your iron on material on your Cricut Cutting Mat. Put the colored / glitter / non-matte side face down on the mat. For my project, I selected the silver glitter iron-on material (who doesn’t love glitter?!)

Cricut Monogram Pillow

Make sure you select Iron-on on your Cricut Machine Dial. Then Click GO on your Cricut and watch it work its magic!


6. Weed your vinyl design.

Once your design is cut, you’ll want to carefully remove the pieces that aren’t part of your design using your Cricut tools or your fingers. My glitter monogram design was pretty ornate, and this part took a bit of time. Make sure to be in a well-lit room to see what you’re doing. Once you’ve removed all the excess pieces, you’re ready to iron them!

Silver Glitter Monogram Pillow
Silver Glitter Monogram Pillow
Silver Glitter Monogram Pillow
Silver Glitter Monogram Pillow

7. Iron your glitter vinyl monogram decal onto your pillowcase.

Heat your iron and iron your design onto your pillowcase, using an extra piece of fabric for protection in between the iron and your iron-on design. I used a turkish towel I had laying around but you could use an old tshirt or whatever else you have on hand.

Iron on Glitter Monogram
Iron on Glitter Monogram

My pillowcase was a slick and shiny material, and it took quite a bit longer for my iron-on material to stick than I expected. I had to turn my iron all the way up to get it to stick. I imagine that every type of fabric is different so just keep that in mind when you’re making your project.

Iron on Glitter Monogram

A few times while ironing, I would pull back my fabric and start to peel back my iron on the sticker panel, and if the design came off, too, I went right back to ironing some more. Just keep ironing until your design sticks! Once it’s all stuck, peel off the entire sticker layer.


Insert your pillow insert, and Voila! You have a gorgeous, custom-monogrammed glitter pillow! Trés chic, no?

Make an adorable Iron-On Glitter Monogram Pillow with the Cricut Explore Air!!!
Make an adorable Iron-On Glitter Monogram Pillow with the Cricut Explore Air!!!

I love this project because it was SO simple. You could easily create these glitter monogram pillows as gifts for your loved ones, family, and friends, or even for hostess gifts for your bridal shower hostesses!

Heck, you could even make custom pillows to use around your reception space on your wedding day! Cricut has such a wide variety of supplies in different colors and styles, so you can truly make a custom, one-of-a-kind project!


I really hope y’all have enjoyed this amazing series of doable DIY projects in partnership with Cricut! Which project was your favorite?

Let Cricut help you take your wedding personalization and project creativity to the next level!

It’s your story. Make it personal.

Thanks so much for checking out my tutorials, and thanks so much to Cricut for partnering with us on this fabulous campaign!

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