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Honeymoon Funds: 7 Reasons to Choose One Over a Traditional Wedding Registry

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Why are engaged couples opting for cash on their wedding days instead of traditional gifts? Find all the reasons in this expository post.

Honeymoon Funds: 7 Reasons to Choose One Over a Traditional Wedding Registry

Wedding gifts have been here since ancient times, and they are a standard tradition across all cultures and religions. It is not just normal but also courteous for relatives and friends of the newlyweds to express their solidarity, goodwill, support, and love to them through gifts. But just as wedding pictures are taking a new twist as times change and technology takes over, many modern couples are changing their view of this ancient tradition. Instead of focusing on the traditional material gifts a couple would use in their newlywed home, many couples are now opting for honeymoon funds or cash registries. So, what is the reason for this trend in the way modern couples want to receive gifts? If you want to learn more about the reasons behind this shift, read on.

Gives You Flexibility and Versatility

When you receive physical gifts to use in your home, you have very limited options of what you can do with them. For instance, if your friend gives you a Kitchenaid Mixer, the only three options you have are using it, selling it, or gifting it to another person. However, if you received cash, your options of using it are almost unlimited. You can decide to use it to pay for wedding expenses, airline tickets for your honeymoon, household bills, or even use it to settle debts.

Saves Yourself from Unpacking Hassles

Another reason modern couples are opting for this trend is that it saves them many hassles before and after the honeymoon. Physical gifts will require you to spend a whole day unpacking and arranging the gifts. But with honeymoon cash, there are no hassles since you have no heavy items to arrange and rearrange. With a Honeyfund, the worst you’d need to do is transfer the right amount to your bank account so you can use it!

It’s Super Simple

In this busy generation where efficiency is key to success, who could resist an option that offered both simplicity and convenience? By opting for a honeymoon fund, it is easy to manage things and move funds around without inconvenience. Not to mention, you won’t have to spend hours walking the aisles at your local department stores adding items to your registry with a bar scanner.

A Great and Timely Complementary

Even though you might do everything possible to avoid debt, the fact remains that a wedding is a costly project that leaves you drained financially. Even with the support of your friends and family, you need to take care of bills after returning from your honeymoon. When you set up a honeymoon fund, you can use part of any money that remains after your trip to take care of any outstanding bills leftover from the big day!

Quick and Easy Access to Gifts

One of the reasons modern newlyweds are finding honeymoon funds better than a traditional wedding registry is that you can receive and start enjoying your cash anytime and from any part of the world. With physical gifts, you may need to wait until you get back home from your honeymoon before you can open and start using them. But with a honeymoon fund, your friends can send you gifts from anywhere in the world, and you can instantly transfer your cash gifts to your bank account to use as you wish. With modern transfer technology, the ability to receive and start enjoying your cash instantly is an irresistible temptation for many modern couples.

You’ll Have a Memorable Honeymoon

Another reason that is driving many couples into this kind of wedding gift arrangement is the need to for a memorable honeymoon. Travel and experiencing cool stuff gives you an extra special way to send personal appreciation to your friends and family members who contributed to your special trip. For example, you can take a photo of you and your spouse on your honeymoon and send it to anyone who gave money towards your honeymoon fund. This option is better than the traditional style of drafting repetitive thankyou cards for your contacts.

You’ll Enjoy a Financially Stress-Free Honeymoon

After the final dance ends and you and your new spouse exit the reception as newlyweds, your mind is immediately in vacation mode! Your thoughts will likely be drifting to a restful vacation, decadent meals, and some major quality time– the trip you spent so much time planning! However, all these dreams are possible only where you have enough funds to realize them. With a honeymoon fund in place, you can be sure you’ll enjoy all the goodies of your travels without money hassles. Having a stress-free honeymoon is something that every couple deserves to enjoy to celebrate the start of their marriage.

You Don’t Need More Household Items

Lastly, many couples are moving away from the traditional wedding registries because they already have everything they need for their homes before their weddings. For instance, who needs three toasters as wedding gifts when you already have a perfectly good one in your house? Why register for fine china if you don’t even like to entertain? With a honeymoon fund, you save yourself the hassle of keeping an excess of household tools you don’t need.

There are so many reasons modern couples are choosing honeymoon funds instead of traditional wedding registries. We believe the ones we’ve shared in this post will help you to take this approach and reap its many benefits!

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