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Horse and Carriage: Wedding Transportation Costs

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A large part of being creative is being willing to throw tradition out of the window.  I recommend that you test your creativity most in areas that are low priorities in your wedding budget.  For Keith and I, our wedding budget for transportation was a meager $50.  Yep, $50 – that’s it.  We have $50 to transport the bride and groom, wedding party, parents of the bride and groom, and photographer to the wedding venue and to transport the bride and  groom from the wedding venue.   You might be thinking, “What can I do with $50?”

  • Limo ($400-$600) = NOPE
  • Vintage Car Service ($600-$1000) = NOPE
  • Horse and Carriage ($300-$500) = NOPE
  • Charter Bus ($500-$700) = NOPE

As you can see, many of the the traditional options were complete “NO WAYS” for our budget.  But in this particular area, having our wedding in the middle of the city allows us to take advantage of a premium black car service that does fit our $50 budget – Uber!

Photo Cred: Tech Times
Photo Cred: Tech Times

With Washington, DC being an Uber participating city, we were able to sign up for an Uber VIP Wedding Package and personalized wedding promo code that allows all new users a free ride up to $20.  The rate from our hotel to the wedding venue is less than $20, so all trips by a new UBER user with our wedding code are actually FREE. To make it even better, Keith and I receive a separate promo code for a free ride up to $40!

Uber also solves our limited parking challenge.  With only 25 reserved parking spaces at our venue and 110 guests, we were presented with a serious parking challenge.  The resolution.  We are requesting that all of our out of town guests staying at the hotel and all of our DC metro accessible guests utilize Uber for their wedding transportation needs.  This allows us to save the 25 reserved parking spaces for vendors and local guests that live in non metro accessible areas.

Signing up for an Uber VIP Wedding Package is super easy.  First click here to make sure that Uber is available in your city.  Then search Uber + Wedding + (your city) for your city’s Uber Wedding application.  For DC brides, click here.

Once you complete your application, you’ll receive an email from the Uber team that looks like this:

You will also receive your Uber Weddings promo code with custom graphics to share with your wedding party, parents, and all of your wedding guests.  Here’s what ours looks like:


We are printing these and including them in our wedding invitations!

I hope some of my city brides find this post helpful.  Please, please, please share some creative ways you are handling your wedding transportation needs and feel free to ask questions.

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