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How to Choose Seasonal Wedding Flowers and Make the Most of Your Budget

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Decorating your ceremony and reception space can quickly add up, especially when flowers and greenery carry a hefty price tag. Couples may spend anywhere from a few hundred dollars up to thousands of dollars on their floral budget. While there are some alternatives to real flowers, the impact and smell of fresh florals is difficult to replicate. Plus, real flowers can double as a take-home keepsake for guests and the wedding party. 

Luckily, there’s a budget hack to cut down on your floral costs. Read on to learn how to choose the best quality florals and still get the best deal for your wedding flowers. 

Go With In-Season Blooms

Whether you’re planning a spring wedding or a winter nuptial, choosing seasonal blooms is the best way to save on your floral budget. You’ll not only get better prices for in-season flowers, but the quality and color of the blooms will be top notch. Selecting seasonal flowers allows vendors and florists to use local flowers and provides relief from shipping costs and heavy competition.

Zola created a seasonal bloom guide so you can pick out the best florals for any wedding date. 

Seasonal Wedding Flowers

Plan Your Florals

Once you’ve picked a wedding date, you can easily identify seasonal options to start planning your theme and decor. Each season has a variety of floral colors that can be mixed in with year-round varietals to help craft an arrangement you love. For some extra inspiration, check out the seasonal mood boards below to kick off your planning! 

Talk to Your Florist

Blooms can vary from location to location and changes in weather patterns can also impact the flower quality. To make sure everything is squared away, stay in touch with your florist as the big day approaches and make adjustments if necessary. Local flower markets are another great option for DIY brides who would rather make arrangements themselves. 

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Spring Bouquets

Spring blooms allow you to go warm or cool and add special touches to your bridal bouquet. Whether you go with pastels or bold colors for your wedding palette, bring the freshness with these seasonal flowers. 

Some popular choices for spring flowers pictured below include Ranunculus, Peonies, Poppies, and Bluebells.

Graphic via Zola.com

Summer Bouquets

Lush summer florals provide the perfect pop of color. Add some contrast with abundant greenery or use more pastel colors to tone down your bouquet. 

Some popular choices for summer flowers pictured below include Snapdragons, Orchids, Sunflowers, and Dahlias.

Graphic via Zola.com

Fall Bouquets

Deep, rich colors bring the drama to any fall wedding and add a sense of warmth to the entire venue. Mix in exotic shapes to create a stunning bouquet.

Some popular choices for fall florals pictured below include Chrysanthemums, Amaranthus, Protea, and Delphinium.

Graphic via Zola.com

Winter Bouquets

Jewel tones and whimsical greenery strike the perfect balance in these winter arrangements. Emerald fillers and dark berry flowers make a great combination for a winter wedding

Some unique choices for winter florals pictured below include Garden Roses, Anemonies, Eucalyptus, and Hellebores.

Graphic via Zola.com

Choosing an in-season stem is a great way to maximize your budget while still getting a stunning look for your wedding florals. Whether you’re thinking of DIYing your wedding flowers or leaving the arrangements to a professional florist, we hope this guide helps steer you in the right direction!


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