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How to Get a Picture Perfect Smile for Your Wedding on a Budget

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Getting a wedding-worthy smile is totally possible, even on a budget! With a little planning and effort, you can flash those pearly whites with pride on your big day!


No matter whether you’ve been planning the wedding of your dreams since you were two or two weeks ago, it’s an exciting—albeit stressful—time in your life. From the catering to the flowers to the venue, there are a lot of elements of a wedding to coordinate and fund.

Your wedding day will probably be the most photographed day of your life, so you’ll want your smile to be picture-perfect for every shot. However, between a budget and all of your other responsibilities, you might not feel like you have the time or money for the smile you want. Use these easy, budget-conscious ways to improve your smile.

Up Your Dental Hygiene ASAP

There are many effective ways to improve your smile, from teeth whitening to braces to teeth aligners. However, it is essential to support any treatments to your teeth with good, old-fashioned dental hygiene habits.

New Toothbrush

If you haven’t replaced your toothbrush in more than 6 months, or if the bristles are starting to look worn, get a new one. Soft bristles are usually best for the average mouth.

Proper Form

Now is not the time to get lazy with your tooth brushing habits. Brush all outer surfaces of your teeth twice a day—front and back. Don’t forget the tongue! Use a combination of up and down/back and forth strokes.


Don’t make the mistake of skipping flossing. Plaque can build up between your teeth and lead to serious aesthetic and health problems. Once a day should suffice, unless you notice something stuck after a meal.

Easy Ways to Whiten Your Teeth

Proper hygiene is important, but there are also other methods you can use in conjunction with a healthy tooth regimen to whiten your teeth for a picture perfect smile on your big day.

Food and Drink

Various foods and beverages can actually stain your teeth. Here are a few of the biggest stain-causers:

  • Coffee
  • Sweets
  • Citrus
  • Soda
  • Red and white wine
  • Tea
  • Blackberries, blueberries, and pomegranates

This doesn’t mean you need to eliminate the items on the list from your diet. Choose to have one cup of coffee a day instead of two. You can drink a glass of water or brush your teeth after having sugar, wine, or berries.

Drugstore Options

From strips to toothpaste, you can find tons of tooth whitening options at your local drugstore. If you choose to go this route, make sure to read reviews or even talk with your dentist in order to select an option that works with your teeth.

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Straighten Your Teeth

Another key element of a picture perfect smile is having straight teeth! If you’re wondering how to straighten teeth without braces on a budget, clear teeth aligners could be an option for you!

Affordable Results

When you visit an orthodontist for traditional braces, they have to work expenses like their time spent in your regular visits to their office into your bill along with expensive equipment. When you cut out regular visits from the equation, the price drops.


When trying out food and treats for your wedding and reception, you don’t want to have to worry about breaking a bracket. Clear aligners eliminate this problem.

Depending on when you take your engagement pictures, traditional braces may pose a problem. Aligners are transparent, but if you’re still worried about the pictures, it’s easy to pop them out during your photo session then put them back in once you’re done.

Share a Picture Perfect Smile on Your Big Day

Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was a picture-perfect smile. However, with a little planning and effort, you can flash those pearly whites with pride on your big day!


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