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How to Make a DIY Donut Wall

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Check out these step-by-step instructions to learn how to make your own DIY Donut Wall for the cutest wedding dessert table EVER!


One of the biggest trends in weddings right now is the use of alternative desserts in lieu of a standard wedding cake. From creating a huge dessert table spread to making a tower of sweets into a donut wedding cake, I just love seeing all the creative options for weddings these days! I especially love when the dessert display becomes a focal point and doubles as unique wedding decor. One of the more creative options I’ve seen is making a donut wall– such a stunning way to display your sweets on your big day!

Creating a donut wall for your wedding doesn’t have to be a difficult task or an expensive one! Our friends from Shari’s Berries put together a simple, six-step DIY donut wall tutorial that you can complete in less than two hours. Yep– it’s simple, and pretty affordable, too! You are just one quick trip to the hardware store (and the donut shop) away from giving your guests a sweet surprise! ??

Donut Wall DIY How to Make a DIY Donut Wall

What you’ll need: 


⭐️ Tips: ⭐️

• If you don’t have the tools you need, some hardware stores will let you rent them!

• Be aware that not all pegboards and dowels are interchangeable. Most are either 1/4” or 1/8.” Either one will work for this purpose but the 1/4 version will be a little sturder. Whatever you choose, just make sure your dowels and pegboard are the same sizes.

• If you prefer the look of a solid board over pegboard, you can opt for plywood as your background material. For this option, you’ll need to measure out where you want the holes (like step four below) and create them with a drill and bits that are the same diameter as your dowels.

Before you begin, think about what kind of look and feel you’d like your wall to have. Keep in mind the color scheme and theme of your wedding for a look that flows seamlessly into the decor. Or, consider a statement piece that is made to stand out and would be the perfect backdrop for photos.

Creating a DIY Donut Wall

Step one: gather your supplies and prep the pegboard

Once you’ve chosen your color and theme, you can buy your supplies and paint colors (optional) to customize your backdrop. We liked the unfinished look of the brown backing on our white pegboard. So for our board, we chose to turn it around and leave it bare.

Gently run a piece of sandpaper over the corners and holes to get rid of any rough edges. Clean the excess dust off of the board with a clean, damp cloth, then let it dry.

If you have decided to paint your donut wall to match your wedding decor, use a small paint roller for an even application. For lighter colors, you may need to do two layers and allow for drying time in between.

⭐️ Tips: ⭐️

• Ask the hardware store to cut your pegboard or plywood to your desired dimensions when you buy it. Most stores will do this at no cost.

• Put out a protective sheet or paper to keep your floor free of any dust or paint – it will drip through the holes!


Creating a DIY Donut Wall

Step two: cut the wood dowels

Starting at the edge of each dowel, measure in 3 inches and 4 inches and make a mark at each.

Using the hand saw, carefully cut at the 4-inch mark, sanding the edges when you are done. Use a clamp or hold the dowels down over the edge of a table. This allows you to cut more than one at a time.

⭐️ Tips: ⭐️

• You can skip this step by buying pre-cut dowels if they are available at your hardware (or craft) store. Simply make a mark 3 inches in from the edge of each one.

• Use longer dowels if you’d like to stack more than one donut on each one. The benefit to doing this is that you don’t have to worry about restocking your wall throughout the night.

Creating a DIY Donut Wall

Step three: measure your donut placement

Starting in one corner of the pegboard, use your ruler to measure 3.5 inches down from the top edge and 3.5 inches in from the side. Make a mark at the hole where these two points meet.

From that initial mark, lay your ruler horizontal across the board and make a mark every 6 inches across. This will be your first row.

Make your second row by measuring 6 inches down from the initial mark and then making a mark every 6 inches across. Repeat until you have 24 marks total. Each mark that you create should be near a hole – that is how you will know where to place a dowel and hang the donuts.

⭐️ Tips: ⭐️

• If you want more or less space between your donuts (or want to spell out a word), cut out 6-inch paper circles and use them to plan your donut spacing.

Creating a DIY Donut Wall

Step four: insert the dowels

Holding your pegboard so that it’s not flat against the floor or a wall, put a small amount of glue on each dowel where you made a mark. Then, put one in each hole you measured out in step four, pushing it about an inch through the board in order to create stability for the dowel to hold a donut. Add a little extra wood glue, if needed.

Continue to do this until all of the dowels are in place. Carefully lean the board against a wall for a few hours to dry.

⭐️ Tips: ⭐️

• To make it easier to push in the dowels, twist them back and forth as you put them in place.

• If you want more or less space between your donuts (or want to spell out a word), cut out paper circles and use them to plan your donut spacing.

Creating a DIY Donut Wall

Step five: put the doilies in place

To keep the donuts extra clean, we added doilies to the DIY Donut Wall! They peek out behind the donuts and keep them clean. They also add a nice little touch of white and gold to the rustic look!

To place them over the dowels, you will need to cut a small “X” (less than 1 inch across) in them. Find the middle of each doily and measure up about half an inch. Make your cut at that point. This will mean that your “X” is a little off-center. But, this will also ensure that your doilies are centered behind the donuts.

Push the dowels through the “X” and secure with a little wood glue.

⭐️ Tips: ⭐️

• Use your ruler to find the middle of each doily ‒ or do what we did and put a gentle fold in it!

• To avoid bending or folding the doilies in order to cut them, use a craft knife on a protected surface.

• You can purchase bigger or smaller doilies depending on how big your donuts are and if you want them to show.


Creating a DIY Donut Wall

Step six: add your decor and hang the donuts

We recommend decorating your DIY Donut Wall and hanging the optional chalkboard sign before you put your donuts on the wall. That way, nothing will fall on your tasty treats! You can also easily move the board around if you need to.

To add a chalkboard sign, choose a quote or word that you like and write it with a chalk marker (we love Chalk Ink brand!) Center and hang the board above your donut wall. Hang any other decor or details around it.

All that’s left is to hang your donuts! You can organize your sweets by row, column, diagonals or in any pattern that you decide. Have fun with it!

Your DIY donut wall very well may be the star of the show! But we have some additional ideas for adding and setting up a dessert table that will satiate every sweet tooth:

  • Set extra donuts on a tiered cake dish. This ensures your guests don’t have to remove donuts from your wall until everyone has had a chance to take a photo of it! We added a dozen in assorted flavors and glazes.
  • Don’t forget to include other sweets like cheesecakedipped strawberries, cookies and fun toppings for the desserts.
  • Provide take-home bags with the initials of the bride and groom instead of goodie bags at each table.

What do you think? Will you attempt to make your own DIY Donut Wall?

Visit Shari’s Berries to get more sweet wedding dessert inspiration!

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