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Wedding Cake Alternatives

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Lets face it, you can’t exactly have your cake and eat it too, especially during a wedding. As our wedding gets closer, we are faced with the details. The small ones, the important ones, and the sweet ones. When we began meeting with bakeries for our wedding cake we started to realize just how expensive that beautiful frosting covered creation is. While wedding cakes are incredibly beautiful, the purpose of them is literally to cut it up. Everyone will stand around and watch you cut into hundreds of dollars. Instead of spending over $500 on a wedding cake, we decided to go a less traditional route, but also a route that is becoming more popular.

We went with desserts vs a large cake. Since there will be 200+ people attending our wedding, we knew a cake large enough would be very out of our budget. I also don’t love cake, so other options were a great idea. Taking into account that we still wanted something to cut, we decided to order a smaller cake and then supply others sweets. Another way around this is to have the top layers made of rice crispy treats (or even foam!) and have them covered in icing to give the illusion that they are real, then have a sheet cake in the back.

The sweet treat we decided to go with is…cookies! Who doesn’t love a good cookies and milk bar. When we began searching for other alternatives, we thought about a few, s’mores, candy, pies, but eventually we just knew cookies were the way to go. I have memories from when I lived with my grandparents of me and my grandfather having cookies and milk all of the time. Dave said he also has similar memories with his dad. We just knew it was what we wanted, and our family will appreciate it as well. We will still have our small cake but we will eat the cookies.

Some of the inspiration behind this idea came from none other than Pinterest. There are so many sweet (no pun intended) ways to bring this idea to life and incorporate it into your big night. I also paid attention to the dessert options during weddings I worked and attended. I feel like I have a pretty good idea of what guests will enjoy at this point. Here are some ideas for our cookies and milk bar.
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Will you have different dessert options for your guests besides wedding cake?


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