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Tips for Identifying your Unique Style & Wedding Day Vision

The White Box is the leading ‘wedding planning kit’ designed to empower each couple to design their wedding like a pro, without the cost of a full-service planner. Founded by South Carolina wedding experts, Carrie Turner and Michelle Chamoures, The White Box is perfectly suited for the busy couple in need of a modern-day solution to wedding planning.

Each White Box includes a customized suite of tools to help couples design and execute their unique wedding day vision, from your wedding budget and timeline down to linen samples, creative floor plans and floral arrangements In just a few weeks, the White Box is delivered to the couple’s doorstep, along with access to an online dashboard so they can plan various aspects of their celebration on the go – during a morning commute, lunch break or on the weekend.

Especially for our Budget Savvy Brides, Carrie and Michelle are here to share a few tips to identifying your style, and how to execute your unique plan for the day you’ve always envisioned.

xoxo, Jessica
Tips for Identifying your Unique Style & Wedding Day Vision

Tips for Identifying your Unique Style & Wedding Day Vision

How to Identify Your Unique Style and Wedding Day Vision

Resist the Temptation of Trends

If you’re overwhelmed by the constantly evolving trends consuming your Instagram feed, you may find that a more timeless aesthetic suits your taste. Try to avoid letting this season’s hottest trend dictate the direction of your entire wedding design. Not to mention, trends have to be followed precisely to be done well. From the linens and creative displays to decor and lighting – the vision needs to be executed completely to avoid appearing disorganized. Marry modern styles with your own creative vision to create a balanced and personal aesthetic. Take a look inside your closets – what colors and fabrics do you both just love? Are there elements of your home’s design that you want to elevate for your wedding day? Your guests should feel like this wedding complements you as a couple completely – starting with your invitations through to the music chosen and the meal served.

Tips for Identifying your Unique Style & Wedding Day Vision

Highlight Your Personality

Weddings give your family and friends a chance to celebrate a new union, and your personalities should shine through. Before diving feet first into those wedding magazines stacked high on your nightstand, take some time to chat with your partner about how to marry your unique tastes into one cohesive wedding aesthetic. Think about how you like to host guests in your home – what you’d serve or how you’d decorate the room. Consider how you like spending time with one another, what characteristics of your relationship you’d like to highlight and how you’d like your guests to feel throughout the day. Create a design plan that is a distinct reflection of you and you’ll be able to fully appreciate your wedding, on the day and for years after.

Tips for Identifying your Unique Style & Wedding Day Vision

Consider Design and Experience

Using Pinterest, wedding blogs and bridal magazines as inspiration can help you during this first phase of planning. Finding inspiration allows you and your partner to get clarity on what suits your needs best. And speaking of Pinterest, it’s best used to help establish a cohesive vision board to bring in all the elements that will contribute to the day, rather than just a collection of things you like. Your vendors will use this Pinterest account to truly understand your style, so try to use a distinguishing eye when adding to your final vision board. Pay close attention to the aesthetics you and your partner are naturally drawn to as you continue the design process.

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Through that process, you may find that some wedding traditions don’t match your needs or style perfectly. Perhaps you opt for a casual wedding brunch reception rather than a seated dinner reception. Likewise, you may decide that you want to opt for a small ceremony with close friends and family. You can always follow it up with a bash a few weeks later without the pressures of a conventional wedding timeline. Your wedding day should not only look but feel naturally, you. So, don’t be afraid to make adjustments and reinvent new traditions rather than following a rulebook.

Tips for Identifying your Unique Style & Wedding Day Vision

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