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JUS by Julie Cleanse Review

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JUS by Julie Cleanse Review
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As y’all know, I love to do product reviews. I’m basically a human Guinea Pig at this point. I love testing and trying out various products and services and sharing my thoughts. When I was offered the opportunity to review a 3-day juice cleanse from JUS by Julie I jumped at the chance!

For the last few years, I’ve definitely been focused on living a healthier lifestyle. Everyone can use a good refresher now and then, right? That’s what I looked at this cleanse as being for me.

Why you might consider a Juice Cleanse in preparation for your wedding

Every bride wants to look great on her wedding day, but you don’t have to do anything extreme to accomplish that goal. In the past, I would’ve considered something like a juice cleanse to be “extreme measures” — mostly based on my previous experience with cleanses.

In the month before my wedding, I actually completed a 10-day run of The Master Cleanse. Talk about psycho! I was channeling my inner Beyoncé and I definitely dropped some lbs. But in retrospect, I don’t think it was a very healthy way to go about losing weight.

After recently completing the 3-day juice cleanse from JUS by Julie, I’ve definitely changed my tune when it comes to cleanses. This one is totally safe, healthy, and wasn’t nearly as bad as I anticipated!

JUS by Julie

JUS by Julie 3-Day Cleanses

Of course, I’m not prepping for a wedding currently. I thought the cleanse could serve as a nice little ‘reset’ button for me to jumpstart healthier habits. Something to kick some of my bad food cravings to the curb. Perhaps I could get back on track after a few too many summer evenings noshing on buffalo wings and nachos!

One thing that stood out to me most about JUS by Julie’s cleanses is their juice is blended, not cold-pressed. So you’re actually getting more nutritional value and fiber in every bottle of juice! Not to mention they have a bit more “bulk” which helps you feel more full.

Since it had been quite some time since my last cleanse, I decided to go easy on myself and selected their 3-day cleanse option. Each day consists of 6 blended juices per day in a variety of flavors, for a total of 18 juices. The cleanse arrived in a box filled with freezer bags to keep them nice and cold. My cleanse arrived via UPS on a Wednesday at noon, so I opted to start my cleanse on Thursday since I’d already eaten breakfast that day.


JUS by Julie Juice flavors include:

Sweet Spin

Spicy Pomegranate

Dr. Green

Chia Berry

PB & Jus

X-treme Greens

Island Coconut

Matcha Chia


JUS by Julie

My JUS by Julie 3-Day Cleanse Experience

Right away, I noticed that JUS by Julie’s juices are thicker and more filling than other juices I’d tried in the past. Many of the juices contain ingredients such as rice milk or chia seeds which helps to satiate your hunger. Ingredients like ginger and lemon also help curb your appetite. Since they add more flavor, they were welcome additions to some of the more “green” juices in the cleanse.

I have to admit that I still found myself a bit hungry most evenings. Mostly I think I just craved eating something with bulk or crunch… something a bit more solid. One evening I treated myself to a little handful of almonds to help keep my stomach from growling. I don’t think it did anything to derail my progress, and it definitely helped cure my hunger pangs.

Overall, the three days weren’t too bad at all. The biggest challenge was dinner time. My partner would cook and eat a real dinner while I sipped on my juice. Talk about brutal! Smelling tasty tacos and steak while I had to abstain was tough, but not enough to make me cheat!


My JUS by Julie Juice Cleanse Results

In all honesty, I don’t really weigh myself anymore (personal preference) so I don’t know if I lost any weight on the cleanse. I will say my tummy definitely felt flatter and less bloated, though. It’s nice to clear all the junk from your digestive system every once in a while. Not to mention reduce inflammation in the body from eating processed foods, gluten, dairy and meat.

Even though I spent a good amount of time thinking about eating a steak, donut or pizza, the first thing I had to eat post-cleanse was an egg-white omelet with veggies. Why would I want to undo the hard work of a 3-day juice cleanse by bingeing on the same junk that I had just detoxed from my system? If anything, I think mentally it was a nice way to get myself re-focused on healthier eating.


If you don’t feel like you can handle multiple days of juicing with no solid food, you may prefer to try a 1-day cleanse or one of Julie’s Soup + Juice cleanses. You can get a variety of juices along with vegan soups, with delicious flavors like Roasted Tomato Gazpacho or Pumpkin Coconut Bisque.

So whether you’re looking for something to help de-bloat before the big day or just want to hit a mental reset button on your eating habits, I would definitely recommend checking out JUS by Julie’s line of cleanses.


What do you think? Have you done a juice cleanse? Would you consider it?



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