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Little Wedding Details that Make a Big Impact

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When it comes to maximizing your budget, it’s important to focus on the areas that make a big impact. Learn some unique touches you can add to your big day that will really wow your guests.


How can we make our wedding day unique? What wedding details will actually make a big impact?

It’s a question couples ask often to friends and family, on social media, and in emails and conversations with wedding professionals. And, there are plenty of ways to answer it. Beyond encouraging couples to lean into their story (the only two it belongs to is both of you, after all!), there’s one idea we return to again and again:

It’s all in the details. Truly!

When you consider taking your details to the next level, the first thing that might come to mind is fear that you have to spend more money. But, that’s not necessarily the case! In fact, some of these ideas are things you’re likely going to do anyway, and there are always ways to DIY. Plus, you know we’ve got tips and tricks to help you pull them off the savvy way. So, below we’re sharing 13 ideas to raise your wedding details game and make your day unforgettable for you, your love, and your guests!

Welcome Guests: 

If you have guests traveling for your wedding, consider creating welcome bags for each couple or family to receive when they check into their hotel. You can make these yourself by filling gift bags with items like water, snacks (sweet and salty foods that are local to your wedding location are always a hit!), a wedding weekend timeline, suggestions about things to do in town, and a note from you.

Host a Rehearsal: 

When you book your wedding day at a venue or opt to recite your vows at a house of worship, most places will set aside at least an hour during the day or evening prior to your wedding day in order for everyone to gather for a wedding rehearsal. Though it may seem like a short amount of time, that hour is valuable. Your officiant will most likely be present to walk everyone through the ceremony, including how and when to walk down the aisle, where to stand, what to do throughout the ceremony, and how and when to recess back down the aisle at the end of the ceremony. There’s usually a big sigh of relief from brides, grooms, parents, and your wedding party after the rehearsal because everyone feels in the know!

Give Gifts: 

Your bridesmaids and groomsmen have all (excitedly!) agreed to stand by your sides on your wedding day, so thank them with a thoughtful gift! Robes and button-down shirts to wear while getting ready, jewelry, and clutches are all popular gifts for bridesmaids. On the flip side, groomsmen gifts ideas often include ties, socks, barware, or cufflinks. There’s a theme here: consider gifting items you would like your group to wear to create the uniformed look you have in mind rather than asking your gals and guys to purchase them themselves.

Have Breakfast (and Lunch): 

Your wedding day will be a busy one! You will go from getting ready to your ceremony, photos, cocktail hour, introductions and dancing, and then finally to your reception. It’s a lot to take in, so plan to order breakfast and lunch for your wedding party to enjoy before the ceremony. Feeling fueled for the day will keep everyone’s spirits high and will help to keep nerves and dizziness at bay.

Go Micro: 

One thing you can do to allow your wedding day to feel unique has nothing to do with adding details, it actually has to do with removing them: host a micro wedding! Last year, micro weddings became one of the most popular ways to celebrate because 50 guests or less gather together. When there are fewer people in attendance, it’s only natural for the environment to become more intimate and cozy. The fact that you will be able to offer personalized attention to your guests is not something anyone will forget anytime soon!

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Add Signs: 

If you would like to draw attention to something specific or inform your guests about something you don’t want them to miss, add signs! The most popular things to turn into wedding signs are welcome, unplugged ceremony, ceremony program, bar menu, and signature cocktails, gifts, guest book, escort card, remembrance, favors and/or donation, and table numbers. Vinyl decals, acrylic, and wood are all popular backdrops and mediums!

Make Stationery Cohesive: 

Whether you’re designing your own stationery, using free wedding templates, ordering online, or working with a designer, consider mailing stationery to your guests that looks and feels cohesive. Save-the-dates, invitations, and inserts pair wonderfully together when each features the same color palette, fonts, and flourishes. Each piece looks like it was created with a single story in mind, and that helps to create a more luxurious feel.


There are plenty of ways to personalize your wedding, but we wanted to focus on one way that’s geared toward your guests: notes. Think about writing notes to each of your guests and placing them at their place setting to greet them when they find their seats at their tables. We can’t deny that this gesture takes time, but it’s one that is always memorable for those you love. There’s nothing more special than feeling welcomed by the people you’re there to honor.

Think Focal for Florals:

Flowers and color make a room pop! If your budget allows, think about adding a focal floral piece to your reception space. Choose to dine at a head table with your bridesmaids and groomsmen that has flowers and candles lining the length of the table. Another idea is to work with your florist to hang a floral chandelier above the dance floor. Anything you can do with flowers is sure to wow your guests!

Don’t Forget the Bathrooms: 

Have you ever been at an event or running errands and forgotten something at home only to wish you had it with you? Remember that feeling and create bathroom baskets filled with toiletries for the men’s and women’s bathrooms. It’s a euphoric feeling when you realize you can solve a problem and feel more comfortable without having to potentially leave even briefly.

Shine a Light:

Lighting can change the mood of a space, and it can also add ambiance. Many production and DJ companies have lighting packages, and the team will likely already be onsite for your wedding day to serve another purpose. So, think about adding a lighting package to your ceremony and/or reception space!

Add a Pop of Pattern:

Patterned or textured linens are considered a luxury at many weddings because they’re more expensive. Rather than draping a costly pattern over top of every table, think about using luxury linens sparingly in areas where they can truly shine. The escort card and cake tables will be photographed, so both are great tables to consider. You might also add a pattern to your head table or sweetheart table so your space shines a little brighter!

Late Night Snack: 

Your guests have enjoyed appetizers, cocktails, dinner, and dessert, so what additional food could they possibly need? A late-night snack! Many couples choose to serve a snack during the final 30-60 minutes before the wedding comes to a close, and it’s always something that feels indulgent, like ice cream, pizza, chicken nuggets, or burgers and friends from a much-loved fast food joint or even a food truck!

There’s never a need to add more to your wedding day. We’re certain your day will already be special and fun for your guests. But, if you do want to add a few extra wedding details that will make a big impact, these are wonderful to keep in mind!

So, will you be adding anything to your wedding? What’s on your list? Join us in the community to chat all things wedding details!


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