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Must-Listen Money Podcasts for Couples

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Looking for accessible and helpful money and relationship advice as you prepare for marriage? Check out these top money-related podcasts for couples!


Marriage is as much a practical partnership as it is a romantic one. In the flurry of wedding planning, it’s easy to lose sight of the big picture. If you and your future spouse are hoping to enter the next chapter of your lives on the most stable footing possible, it’s important to consider how you’ll handle finances as a couple. Getting thoughtful about your savings goals, spending habits, and shared values can help you better understand your priorities moving forward.

If you’re not sure how to begin such an important conversation, money podcasts can help. There are a number of useful shows designed to help couples understand their financial goals and get started working towards those achievements. Whether you’re looking for financial tips and tricks, advice, or just want to join the greater conversation about joining finances with your sweetie, give these money podcasts a listen:

Couple Money Podcast

Finances are a sore subject for a lot of couples. Too often, though, keeping quiet about your needs, goals, and priorities can lead to growing frustration within the relationship. That’s why podcaster Elle Martinez leads her show with a commitment to honesty and communication. Learning how to have difficult conversations is just as important as navigating retirement accounts and paying down debt. If you’re searching for guidance on how to talk frankly with your partner about money, the Couple Money Podcast is an excellent place to begin.

In each episode, Elle and her guests address a new financial literacy topic. Whether you’re overcoming financial infidelity, working towards early retirement, or starting a business together, there’s a Couple Money Podcast episode on the subject. While the episodes aren’t especially long, there’s no fluff here, either – just great advice from experts in the field. This is a must-listen for anyone who has ever dreaded bringing up money in conversation with their partner

The His and Her Money Show

If listening to a financial literacy podcast sounds like a chore, give His and Her Money Show a try. Hosts Talaat and Tai McNeely are as entertaining and relatable as they are informative. The high school sweethearts know first-hand how frightening and frustrating it can be to talk about money together. After tying the knot, Talaat, a military veteran, had to fess up to Tai, an investment banker, that he was in far more debt than he’d originally told her. With a commitment to honesty and hard work, the pair was able to overcome financial hardship and ultimately lead other couples out of debt. 

While Talaat and Tai frequently host experts on the show, it’s the episodes with real-life couples that really stand out. Don’t be surprised if you see your own financial conundrums reflected in the show. The McNeely’s message is always impactful, with practical advice designed to transform how you view personal finance. Learn how to manage your money, work toward financial independence, or simply reframe your perspective on wealth building. It’s all possible with the help of this fantastic podcast.

Real Simple Money Confidential Podcast

Stefanie O’Connell Rodriguez knows a thing or two about money. As the host of Real Simple’s Money Confidential podcast – and as a nationally recognized expert on all things financial – Stefanie dives deep into the many aspects of money: saving it, spending it, investing it, and donating it. Talking about money is often the biggest challenge of all, which is why she takes to the mic each week to dispel myths and tackle the hard conversations head-on.

While the show isn’t strictly about money’s role in our relationships, Stefanie and her guests routinely take on the hard conversations about merging finances. Whether you’ve been together for two years or two decades, the Money Confidential podcast can definitely help you and your future spouse think more critically about how you spend. 

Couples Financial Coach with Adam Kol

So much of merging finances as a couple comes down to getting on the same page. Financial coach and podcaster Adam Kol knows that becoming financial teammates can transform your relationships for the better. His Couples Financial Coach podcast is a careful analysis of how our upbringing and belief system can impact our finances. As much a relationship podcast as a show about personal finance, Adam’s advice often feels a lot like therapy – in the best way possible

If you’re tired of fighting about finances and are eager to truly get on the same team as your partner, this is a podcast you’ll both want to listen to. Rather than shame couples for having money trouble in the first place, Adam and his guests work to help you identify your strengths so you can eliminate debt and stress less about finances. While there’s no silver bullet for escaping money stress, this show is as good as it gets. 

This is Uncomfortable

Let’s address the elephant in the room: for many of us, talking about money is just plain uncomfortable. After all, many people are raised to believe that discussing money is rude. It isn’t until we decide to tie the knot that we actually dig into the nuts and bolts of our finances. Explaining your spending habits can be awkward, even when you’re talking with the person you love most on the planet. This is Uncomfortable podcast explores this dynamic in fascinating and useful ways.

This is Uncomfortable is less a financial advice podcast and more an exploration of how money impacts our relationships. Host Reema Khrais shares a new listener story every episode. Some are funny, others cautionary – all are thoroughly engaging and surprisingly relevant. The refreshingly candid subject matter may help you feel a bit better about your financial situation. It’s an ideal listen for anyone hoping to better understand how economic systems impact individuals.

Take a Proactive Approach to Your Finances

Listening to financial podcasts like these can really help you become more conscious of your daily financial decisions. While every couple has their own unique challenges and goals, these shows are great reminders that we’re all fighting similar battles. With help from financial experts and ordinary folks alike, you and your new spouse can make smarter investments, make more thoughtful purchases, and save more for your big day!

Obviously, transparency and openness is the #1 goal. If a podcast helps you break the ice on a tough money conversation, then all the better! And as a bonus, listening to podcasts is absolutely free– so take advantage of the opportunity to learn something new and connect more deeply with your partner.

What money podcasts are you and your partner listening to? Share your suggestions in the community!


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