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Personalize Your Wedding With Custom Wedding Labels

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bottle your brand - custom wedding labels

This post is sponsored by Bottle Your Brand, an awesome source for custom wedding labels to personalize your wedding!


Today I want to share a fabulous resource for personalizing your wedding in an affordable way! If there’s one thing that makes a wedding shine, it’s the details. But if you’ve spent any time browsing Pinterest, you probably already know that most of those details don’t come cheap. That’s why I love sharing alternative and unique ideas to create a luxe look on a smaller budget. One of my favorite ways to add personalization to a wedding day? Paper!

Why? Because paper is generally pretty affordable and is also easy to DIY… especially when you use pre-designed pieces that are super simple to customize. For my own wedding, I did a TON of DIY, much of it with paper. From the tissue paper pomanders to my invitations and even my wine labels — I had a hey day with my paper crafts for my big day. I designed and printed everything myself! But don’t worry, you don’t have to be a professional graphic designer to do a little semi-DIY and make your wedding look super crafty and detailed. One of my favorite details (and a total crowd-pleaser) is custom wedding labels... and that’s exactly the specialty of Bottle Your Brand.

bottle your brand - custom wedding labels

They have so many gorgeous designs to choose from to fit with a variety of wedding themes and color schemes, so you’re sure to find something perfect for your big day, your bachelorette party, or bridal shower. And it’s not just wine labels, they also have labels for water bottles, mini wine bottles, beer bottles and more! And once you’ve found the perfect design, you can just enter your text to personalize your labels, and then order the quantity you need. They ship directly to you to place them on whichever vessel you desire! I *really* loved this watercolor flower pattern — so perfect for a summer garden wedding or bridal shower, right?

bottle your brand - custom wedding labelsbottle your brand - custom wedding labels

Of course, I had to pick a bottle with a cute top wrapper! 😉

Just peel and stick your Custom Wedding Labels

bottle your brand - custom wedding labels

Yes way, Rosé!! Truth be told, the trickiest part is removing the original labels from your bottles — everything else is EASY PEASY with Bottle Your Brand. And if you want to know the secret to peeling off wine labels simply… just soak them in  your sink or tub with soapy water for 30 mins to an hour. They’ll peel right off!

I love that they have matching sets so you can carry your theme throughout multiple products like wine and water bottles and coasters and more!

bottle your brand - custom wedding labels

I seriously love these designs:

bottle your brand - custom wedding labels

bottle your brand - custom wedding labels

bottle your brand - custom wedding labels

So cute, right? Which one is your favorite?

If you have a little design skill (like moi) you might be inspired to get creative and make something completely custom — the folks at Bottle Your Brand can handle that, too! The labels themselves are great quality prints, so your colors and design will be vibrant and beautiful!

Oh, and by the way… all the labels are completely waterproof.

Yep, you heard that right!

No need to fret about bleeding or running ink colors — feel free to put your newly-labeled bottles in a tub of ice with no worries.

The labels at Bottle Your Brand are awesome for adding those extra, personal details to your day. If you’re on the lookout for something simple and inexpensive to take your wedding from basic to beautiful, these guys totally have your back! Check out their website at bottleyourbrand.com to view their full collection.

bottle your brand - custom wedding labels

This post was sponsored by Bottle Your Brand. All opinions are our own!


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