Picking the Perfect Palette

For reasons I don’t quite understand “What are your wedding colors?” is one of the first questions you’ll get as a REP (Recently Engaged Person). I’m not sure why so many people are interested in this particular detail, but it comes up all the time, which means it’s something you need to decide pretty early on.

Choosing our initial color palette wasn’t terribly difficult. Jon, being a typical guy, really didn’t care much what the colors would be, as long as they weren’t overly feminine. Jon and I knew from the beginning that we wanted our wedding to be two things 1) fun and 2) unconventional. We wanted to make our own rules.

I think this nontraditional focus may also have played into my nontraditional color choices. Turquoise, lime green, and yellow aren’t combinations you find often in bridal magazines or websites. In some ways, this is exactly why I chose them.

wedding colors

This Etsy bouquet was one of my early palette inspirations. Did you know that you can crochet flowers??

The problem with nontraditional colors is that there isn’t a lot of precedent for them. Vendor websites typically don’t offer anything in those colors, which makes planning more difficult. And also, might I suggest not choosing anything in the blue-green spectrum, because—although you may never have noticed it before—there are about 4,000 variations. Carrying swatches around is essential.

wedding colors

I loved how these flowers popped against the teal!

So anyway, those were (loosely) our colors, but I struggled with finding things in the right shade of blue-ish green (more on that in my upcoming post about bridesmaid dresses), especially since things like food and flowers don’t come in that color.

So I had to be creative.

Then, while browsing a garage sale one day (one of our favorite summertime entertainments), I found a massive pile of approximately 100 brand-new, pre-printed invitations—with envelopes and all—for about $3. They had just a simple line border around the outside, which meant that I could design the invites however I wanted. The problem was that the border was fuchsia—which was not one of our wedding colors.

wedding colors

I couldn't pass up on such a great deal–even if it was pink.

And then it was. I mean, who could pass up on a deal like that??

So I guess what I’m trying to say is to be flexible with your wedding colors. Choose colors that will make you happy, but add in new or make changes if opportunity arises. Colors aren’t going to make or break your wedding day, so have fun with them!

And for the love of Pete—choose something that’s easy to match!

How did you pick your colors?

wedding colors

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