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Picking the Perfect Photographer for Your Wedding

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Picking your wedding photographer is a big decision, both in terms of priorities and your wedding budget. Check out this list of things to know when choosing your wedding photographer!

Picking the Perfect Photographer for Your Wedding

It should come as no surprise that we hands-down believe that wedding day photography is one of the most important vendors you’ll pay for on your wedding day. (Seconded by food, because, duh.) It’s seriously jaw-dropping how photographs can encapsulate such beautiful moments, images, and emotions and preserve them forever. If you’ve ever visited an old relative and pulled out their wedding album, you know just how meaningful those timeless images are. Don’t you want to be able to have that same experience with your own photos?

Unless you’re a model or Influencer, you may not be used to getting your photo taken all of the time. Getting in front of the camera with a pro can feel a little intimidating if you’re not used to it! If you find yourself feeling quite self-conscious or nervous about having your photo taken, you may feel a bit anxious about starting your search for the perfect wedding photographer.

The important thing to remember is that you want to feel comfortable, confident, and your best, and who you choose to take pictures on your wedding day has a tremendous impact on that!

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Picking the Perfect Photographer for Your Wedding Day

Here are a few super-important things to keep in mind when picking the perfect photographer for your wedding day:

1 • Style

Most photographers have a website and/or blog that they regularly update with recent shoots. Feel free to creepily stalk all the way until their site was first created. When you meet with them, check out their printed portfolio, too. Styles range from traditional and posed to super photojournalistic and organic–find someone whose style meshes with yours! You’re going to be looking at these pictures for a long time!

2 • Chemistry

Aside from having a stunning portfolio that captures the style you’re going for, chemistry is super important when choosing your wedding photographer. You really want to make sure the two of you click with your photographer. Maybe you have quite a bit in common or are around the same age, or perhaps you just feel relaxed around them. Since your photographer will spend more time with you on your wedding day than any other vendor, it’s super important to choose someone you feel completely relaxed and comfortable with! You may find that you love a photographer’s work but when you meet in person, the vibe just feels off. Sometimes, it truly is all about the vibes– regardless of how great someone’s work is.

3 • Flexible Package Options

Finding a wedding photographer with flexible packages can save you lots of money. Look to see if you can work with your photographer to customize your photo package. You may not want formal bridal portraits or a fancy wedding album included in your wedding day costs. If you can find photographers who are willing to include a certain number of coverage hours as well as the digital files, that’s the key. You can worry about paying for prints, albums, and other things later. When you avoid lumping those costs in with your wedding spend, it frees up funds to allocate to aspects that are actually important to you on the day of the celebration!

4 • Engagement Session

Perhaps your photographer includes an engagement session in your package– if so, we definitely recommend taking advantage of that. Engagement sessions are a perfect opportunity to get some great pictures of you and your partner pre-wedding. Even better, it’s a great way to get comfortable with your photographer and the camera, ahead of the big day. You’ll feel like a pro by the end of your session, and come wedding day you won’t be sweating the pics at all!

5 • Don’t be afraid to ask questions

Chances are, your photographer wants you to love his/her work; if you have any questions whatsoever, ask! Ask about coverage times, the cost of extra prints, backup plans in case of surprises, his/her philosophy of shooting weddings, any guarantees offered, etc. A good photographer and business owner will be able to assist you in figuring out day-of timelines, or anything else you might be curious about.

6 • Multiple shooters?

Find out if your photographer is a lone wolf, part of a team, or if they bring second-shooters on the wedding day. Having multiple shutterbugs there on your big day can ensure more images from various angles. However, seasoned pros typically don’t have any trouble covering an entire event themselves. Most professionals have had years of experience in knowing where to focus their lens, and when.

And that’s that! Do you have any other “must haves” for a photographer list? Have you found “the one” or are you still searching? Join us in the community to discuss!


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