Food + Beverage Vendors

Choosing our Caterer

For my fiancé and I, food is at the top of our priorities list for our big day. After a wedding, we always discuss the food (of course we discussed the bride & groom, but food was always discussed), so we knew we wanted to have

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Money Saving Advice Vendors

Choosing our Photographer

When most couples create their budget and figure out what is most important to them, they choose photography as one of their “splurges”. So if you read my budget post, you were probably wondering why we didn’t choose photography as one of our “splurges”, and the

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Wedding Budget

Creating our Budget

Once my fiancé, TJ, and I were engaged, to say I dove head first into wedding planning would probably make him roll his eyes. As a matter of fact, I already had a date planned before our engagement weekend was over. I believe he’s even told

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Food + Beverage

Tasty Decisions

Our wedding is going to be at 11 am on a Saturday morning. I hope all our guests can enjoy a warm and lazy summer Saturday while witnessing and celebrating with us. To that end, I didn’t want a fussy, sit down meal for our reception.

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Small Town vs. Big City Vendors

I’m a small-town bride. Like, really small. Like, 1,200 people small. After living in this sweet, wheat farm, rural, wild turkeys in our yard, town of Waitsburg, Wash., for one year, I actually know 90 percent of everyone in this city. And it’s wonderful. But, being

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