Printable Flower Garden Wedding Program

Hello BSB’s! Today I have a cute little flower garden wedding program for you. It’s an eight page booklet held together with ribbon in the color of your choice. With all these pages you have PLENTY of room for your ceremony details, and as always, this is an exclusive free wedding program template for BSB’s!

The front cover features pretty Spring flowers above a chalkboard design and each page inside ties in with the flower design. This booklet comes together so easily with a little printing, cutting, and folding. Hop on over to Download & Print for the free templates, then follow along with the steps below. Happy crafting!

things-you-need-to-make-the-flower-garden-ceremony program



Step 1: Download and Print

open-the-word-template-flower-garden-ceremony program

Download both of the free printable wedding program files and open in MS Word. Add your ceremony details and print on white or cream card stock. Each template yields two 11” x 4.25” pages, which you will fold in half. You will need to print double side, so print the first side, flip the paper over and place it back in your printer, then print the second side. The font I chose for the headings is Arvo, and the information text is in Angelina, both of which can be downloaded for free online.

print-the-flower-garden-ceremony program

Step 2: Score the Fold

score-the-flower-garden-ceremony program

Lay the two templates one of top of the other, with the cover sheet on top. Using your ruler and scoring tool (or closed mechanical pencil) run the tool along the solid line. This will start a crease and make folding the program into a booklet easier in the coming steps

Step 3: Cut and Fold

cut-the-flower-garden-ceremony program

Leaving the two templates stacked, cut along the dotted line using a ruler and X-acto knife, scissors, or a paper trimmer. If you use a paper trimmer you can stack more than two pages at once will which make the process a little quicker. You will end up with four strips of paper, for a total of eight pages when folded.

fold-the-flower-garden-ceremony program

Fold each strip in half using the crease that you already started. A bone folder will make for a nice, crisp crease, but you can just push down firmly with your palms if that’s what you have on hand (pun intended!).

Step 4: Punch Holes

punch-the-flower-garden-ceremony program

Punch two holes on the crease, equal distance from the center of the fold. How far apart you punch the holes will depend on how far your hole punch will let you go in, and the look that you like.

Make sure to stack all your pages first so that everything lines up nicely in the end.

Step 5: Thread Ribbon

lace-the-flower-garden-ceremony program

Push each end of ribbon through a hole, from the inside of the program to the outside.

Hint: When you cut the ribbon into 18” lengths trim each end on a sharp angle. This will create a point and make threading a little easier.

tie-the-flower-garden-ceremony program

Tie the ribbon in a bow, trim the ends (again on an angle to reduce fraying), and you are done. Enjoy!

trim-the-flower-garden-ceremony program

inside-view-flower-garden-ceremony program